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There are a lot of people (myself included) who are writing about what is going to happen during [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) now that Age of Ultron is finally out. Many of these include predictions about who will be on what side, what the law will be and who will be playing freakin' Spider-Man! Many of these predictions are based off of what has occurred so far in the MCU, but even more have been based on what happened in the comics. However, there is one big prediction that I keep seeing over and over again that people claimed is supported by the comics that I feel the needs to shut down. If you know what one I'm talking about, you may share in my frustration. Many people predict that a certain character will be dead by the end of Captain America: Civil War because they believe that said character dies in the comic book arc of the Civil War, so let me make this incredibly clear...

Captain America just got his stuff broken!
Captain America just got his stuff broken!


Now, before you go fighting me on this, know that these are facts ripped straight from the comics. If you read anywhere online about the Civil War comics, assuming that they have accurate sources and aren't just ranting aimlessly, you will discover that Steven Rogers does NOT die in the Civil War. He does not die in battle, nor is he killed by Tony Stark. The final battle ends when Captain America surrenders to Iron Man. There is no assassination or execution of Cap during the War. In fact, the last time Captain America is seen at all during the [Marvel: Civil War](tag:2346746) story arc / comic series is in his jail cell where he uses chalk to draw an American flag on the wall and sits peacefully with no anger or fear of death.

So when does Cap actually die?

The answer to that question is much simpler than you may think. Captain America's death actually occurs in this eighteen-issue story arc cleverly titled The Death of Captain America. He is assassinated while being taken to a courthouse to pay for the crimes he committed during the Civil War, but it still does not take place during the Civil War. Granted that it does take place after the Civil War, it is not at all part of the Civil War storyline. That is like saying that [Thor: The Dark World](tag:206462) takes place during The Avengers because Loki is locked up at the beginning of Thor 2 (just like Cap was in the Death of Cap comic series) after he was taken into custody at the end of Avengers (just like Cap was in the Civil War comic series). Yes, one does take place after the other, and yes, it is a continuation of a character's storyline, but in NO WAY is it the same story arc or a sequel. It is just what happens after.

But what about this picture?

Cue the tears
Cue the tears

This commonly shared picture is often used to support someone's claims that Cap dies during the Civil War, but this scene takes place so far after it that it doesn't even make sense to use it. The picture is taken from a miniseries titled Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America whose first issue was released a whopping six months after the final Civil War issue. This may not seem like a lot for movie goers, but comics move much faster than movies do. They are like tv shows, with a new episode coming out almost every week. For example, could you imagine someone claiming that a character on Game of Thrones died during the season premier when he actually died at the end of the season due to events caused at the beginning of the season? It makes no sense.

Does this mean he will keep surviving ship crashes?
Does this mean he will keep surviving ship crashes?

How will this all tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Well, there's a chance it won't tie in at all. Can you find any MCU movie to date whose plot matches perfectly to the comics version? No. In fact, it's almost impossible to find an MCU movie that lines up anywhere close to the comics version if its not an origin story. There's a very high chance that Captain America: Civil War will be almost nothing like the comic series of Civil War. The only parts that I think Marvel will definitely keep will be that it's Cap vs. Iron Man, there's a new regulation of superhumans, and that everyone is turning on each other. Everything else is up in the air. I would be very disappointed if I walked into the theater and found that the movie was exactly like the comics. They may be rooted from the same place, but the "Earth-616" universe of the comics is completely different from the Cinematic Universe of the movies.

Even if the ending of the movie is anything like the comics, with Cap surrendering, I doubt we will see Cap's assassination. The final battle would finally be over with, so adding a whole new twist to the movie would be pointless. And I doubt that even Tony Stark would be able to kill his old friend in the final battle, so that is probably off the table too.

In addition...

Chris Evans is scheduled for at least one more Marvel movie after Captain America 3. Unless they intend on resurrecting Steven Rogers for just one movie or using him in a flashback scene, it's safe to say that we will not be seeing Captain America die in May of 2016. Plus, Chris Evans seems to be one of the only big Marvel actors who has openly admitted their interest in continuing their role after their contract ends. Only an idiot would kill off Chris Evans unless they had to.

It may be a bit before we see Bucky with the shield
It may be a bit before we see Bucky with the shield

I rooted these statements from facts. I am not just pulling these comic-book titles out of my butt. There is a very low chance that we will see Steven Rogers die in Captain America: Civil War. We will probably see him arrested at the end, but his death is a totally different story arc. Agree? Disagree? Have no clue what I'm talking about? Have anything to add? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, and be sure to share this to get this false statement out of people's "supported" predictions.


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