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I watch a lot of movies, and play a lot of games. I'm gonna talk about them here.

So I have a question for you folks. Why do you think free roam games are so popular? Is it because they allow you to be free and do what ever you want in the confines of that world? Or maybe it's because you'll get to experience something that you wouldn't get to be able to in the real world. Kind of like the movie Avatar. The character Sam Worthington plays in the movie is paralyzed and can't walk. But when he steps into the Avatar Chamber, he can walk, run, jump or even ride a dragon. When we play games, a whole new world opens up. Something fresh and unknown. Whether it be surviving in a fallout shelter for the entirety of your life. Or killing off random civilians because they got in your way on the freeway. Of course I'm referencing Fallout and Grand Theft Auto. Which are both phenomenal free roam games. I just wanted to write this quick post to give you something to think about for the day. If you don't like free roam games then apply some of these questions to your favorite genre. Let me know what your thoughts are!


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