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So I know this is my first MP post, and I would love to kick this off on a good start, horror. That is correct, and too boot, Indie horror!! I have really started to enjoy finding independent and or unheard of films in my local movie store, but as I find myself skimming the internet for possible indie gems to watch, my heart wants me to frantically make a list...

1. The Babadook-- I know this film just came out on DVD in Canada a while ago, I watched at least half an hour of it on a website so I want to see the ending of it...I like that it deals with a single mother, son relationship and from what I could recall, the mother was dealing with depression and a very odd child. I knew from the start that something sinister was at play in this film, definitely on my watch list.

2. The Den-- It is what came before the webcam genre of horror films like the new film Unfriended (2015)..but this time the woman works herself into her own trouble by becoming immersed in a grisly murder she witnessed online. oooo interesting if I do say so myself. How shaky will the viewing experience be?

3. High Tension....i have no idea, just looks cool.

4. Under The Skin, was it as good as people stated it was? I hope so....

if you have any horror films you would like me to see, message me through email or kik @ skywalker24567 !!! thank you for reading my short list.


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