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JJ Abrams seems to be seriously considering killing off the most universally beloved character in the Star Wars franchise, Jar Jar Binks, according to a recent interview with Vanity Fair. While most would find that an alarming twist only M Night Shyamalan would dare, there are some Star Wars fans who actually support such a move. Apparently, the death would occur offscreen, with only his skeletal remains as evidence of his passing. A tragic end to one of the greatest fictional heroes ever created, to be sure, but is it a fitting one?

If not, what part should he play in the new trilogy? Or is there another option?

Perhaps it would be interesting to see him as the mastermind behind the Rebel Alliance, the real brains behind supposed "leaders" of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar? That homicidal maniac, Mr Abrams, could still whack the lovable Gungan if he still chose, but with all the dramatic weight such a death deserves, like an epic lightsaber battle or a wild dogfight in the vacuum of space. That would surely garner the respect of the Prequel-loving crowd...

Or perhaps there is another alternative that doesn't require killing him OR finding a place for him in the new trilogy, one that would appease fans of the Original Trilogy who feel the Prequels were a horrific betrayal of all they hold dear? What if we just let the Prequels go the way of the old Expanded Universe and remand them to the "Legends" of the Star Wars Universe?

JJ Abrams is no stranger to reboots. His Star Trek films, though divisive among old-school fans, breathed much-needed new life into the StarTrek franchise, attracting a whole new generation of fans in the process. Perhaps it is time to let Jar Jar and Padmé and the Oscar-worthy performances of Hayden Christensen and Jake Lloyd slip away into memory like Leo at the end of that movie about the big boat. What do you think, gentle Star Wars fans?


Should such a beloved character be killed off?


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