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What a dashing animated superhero movie ‘Big Hero 6’ by Walt Disney Animation Studio. The 54th release from Walt Disney Picture is a blast without any doubt. Wow! Amazing direction by Don Hall and Chris Williams come with the story of a mastermind robotic prodigy Hiro. A 14 years old teenage genius Hiro Hamada develops an inflatable robot Baymax. It will work as your personal assistant. There is a full book of medical information in it. The great invention of Tadashi, elder brother of Hiro developed the chip. Hiro visited San Fransoyoko Institute of Technology with Tadashi and meet Honey Lemon, Gogo Tomago, Fred and Washabi Nagiogener. They formed a superhero team featured to Marvel comic adventures.

Highest earning animated production of 2014 gathers about $652 million worldwide released on United States by Disney Home Entertainment. T Seagle and Duncan Roleau designed the character Hiro and the team apectacly. You will not believe the combination of Walt Disney and Marvel properties come out with an exclusive story. The solo production of Walt Disney involves several Marvel Inspired team. Why you shouldn’t watch it where the new innovative software technology by Disney animation made it top grossing. “Big Hero 6” won the 87th Academy Award in Best Featured Animation and Choice Award for kids Favorite Animation.

In the city of San Fransoyoko, where Hiro lives, he is an intellectual prodigy in illegal robotic back alley fight. Tadashi shows him the Baymax, a personal nurse robot controlled by numerously programmed chip. A huge inspiration for Hiro while Tadashi encouraged Hiro to invent something that can impress professor Callaghan, the head of Sanfransoyoko Institute of Technology.

The young genius developed his technology in battle bot and classified them into thousand numbers of microbots. Hiro wins more and more exhibition presentation. He impressed a rich profile technologist Alastir Krei. He offered Hiro for the microbot invention. Professor Callaghan was careful about microbots. He stopped Hiro. Hiro with Tadashi and friends celebrate their party for their invention while Professor Callaghan and Tadashi died on fire.

Surprisingly a depressed masked man activated Hiro’s microbot in an abandoned warehouse. He reported police station and tries to catch the mask man but the officer doesn’t believe him. Hiro decided to find out what is inside the Kabuki mask. He upgraded Baymax with a carbon fiber jacket over its body. Also a new chip gives Baymax different skills on martial art which he settled into Baymax’s heart. Hiro returns to warhouse with an his armor team and notice his microbots are moving. The masked villain appears using microbots as transport media with a red bird symbol object. Hiro send Baymax for the identification of the masked villain but he suddenly attacks the two. They ride on Washabi’s car and drive to the bay where the car lose its drive. After the recovery Hiro shows the group the red bird symbol.

Baymax scanned the man inside the mask. Middle of this Fred thinks it might be Alastair krey who wanted to buy Hiro’s microbot. The group prepared a far a battle against the masked villain. Baymax indicates. Scanned information get signal from a desert land. The team flies there and gets the red bird symbol. Suddenly the mask advisory appears. Hiro fight the man to unmask him. Oh my God! It was professor Callaghan. He explained Hiro’s microbot saved him from fire which he used as shield and escaped. Hiro come to the garage to prepare Baymax with more power and armor.

I’ve been fond of Big Hero 6 and collected my suit of Hiro Hamada from Cosplaysky. What an exciting moment with getting the suit on my hand and eagerly waiting for more latest suits.


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