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I picked this movie up at the local movie store in town, and what can I say, I actually enjoyed this film. This film was shot in a small town in British Columbia, and something sinister is at work here; a Serial Killer that acts like what he is doing is relieving people of medical issues by murdering them at their own will. It is up to Susan Sarandon to figure out this gruesome mystery before its too late to stop him. This film has a heavy religious aspect to is, while dealing with a occult undertone (that is how I read the film anyways).

This film reminded me of the mystery/thriller "The Pledge" (ft. Jack Nicholson), where a retired cop on the verge of being retired gets called to a case where a child is murdered, and he becomes obsessed with figuring out who killed the child among others. The man they look for is also very deeply rooted in religious lifestyles. I too, also recommend these two films.

No for the faint of heart. But totally worth 9 bucks.


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