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i haven't read many comics but I'm a huge fan of Iron Man and the marvel comics

Now look people, I know many might disagree with me but all I can say is that this is my view. Since Tobey Maguire,I haven't seen Spider-Man achieve that level of success. I mean, seriously, they took the best villains but couldn't do it. The work done by Tobey was awesome. Now how can I say that? Let me tell you....

When Spider-Man 3 was released (back in 2007) I was a kid and I still remember the kind of frenzy for it. You can check the Wikipedia page. It made more money than The Amazing Spider-Man coming 5 years later, and believe me, 5 years changes everything. Andrew is a great actor. He proved that in The Social Network. But he was never the exact superhero material. Tobey on the other hand justified the role. His acting skills are more than awesome! I mean here changed everything I thought about him after The Great Gatsby! MCU right now is having a huge success while Sony couldn't do it. Their one man movie Iron Man 3 scored more than a billion ( I get tat it was RDJ but still!) Now if MCU has to make the same kind of success from Spider-Man I think Tobey should be back and the film series should continue from where Spider-Man 3 left. This way Civil War storyline will be more justified as we would already know the background story of Peter Parker and what all happened. Now there are many loopholes but let me tell you, the role of a superhero is a very exhausting one. The greatest actors have failed! Take Ben Affleck for an example. After daredevil he never wanted to be associated with a superhero movie (well things would obviously change for the role of batman as the Christopher Nolan series made more than 2.5 bn).

Now this is what I believe, rest is for Sony and MCU to decide!


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