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MannysPlace Interview Tease with Rob Liefeld for!

So.....I'm FINALLY getting around to publishing my interview with Rob Liefeld from our talk at Wizard World Madison. I sat on this piece till it was just the right time to jump on the Deadpool Movie hype.

Now as my followers know I don't write "click-bait" 5-min of "look at me" flash fame blogs just to say I wrote a shocking type story. I do real articles with truthful interviews......but sometimes a good tease cannot be passed up. This is clearly not what my interview piece with Rob is about it was just the very first question I asked and the only real "fluff" part of our interview. I Thought I'd tease it hear instead of some jack-hole trying to make some big stupid splashy blog about it, just to get people in the usual Internet war of words. This is just a tease to my upcoming interview with Rob which is candid Liefeld as ever and a look back at the career of Rob as told by himself at the Wizard World Panel. Of course there will be all sorts of serious Deadpool talk as well!! Take this for what it is.....TRUE TALK!! nothing more....nothing less. Be sure to be back for the rest of the real juice!

Interview Tease:

Manny - "OK first thing first....what do you think of Deadpool being added to the Secret Wars Marvel event coming up? I mean it is your creation...your character? This writer is saying that Deadpool has been there (in Secret Wars) all along from the very start?"
Rob Liefeld - "My answer is............I don't care!" It's nonsense"
Manny - "Alrighty than.....perfect"

Rest of Interview is coming soon to don't miss out and give me a follow!


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