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Judge Minion

The Avengers meet their greatest challenge to date…the Pacquiao Vs Mayweather.


Would Rather watch

The Avengers was on track to meet expectations in the US Market Friday.

Then Saturday comes along on takes a huge dip in the Box Office.

Pacquiao Vs Mayweather.

The fight of the Century took a bite out of the Avengers’ Box Office. Despite what anyone says about the actual fight, the event did make history.

But that is another story True Believers. Yes, Another Story. I would love to dive into it but listening to my neighbor cry himself to sleep the past 2 nights over spending $100 for the fight.

I am sure some Marvel Executives are crying to sleep at night too.

Avengers 2 debuted under Avengers, falling short of expectations. Who is to blame?


Everyone on the planet was aware of this fight. Marvel in its vast hubris failed to consider anything could stop them.

Marvel could have pushed a Wednesday release and could have compensated for the Fight of the Century. Nobody even considered that all.

Overall still a massive haul and well on the way to making a Billion Dollars.


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