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Ben (I Am Negan) Wood

So by now you'll know if you've seen The Avenger's Age Of Ultron. As well as there being really cool scenes like Vision wielding Thor's Hammer and Captain America assembling his own team of Avengers.

Not all scenes were awesome or contained easter eggs or made us laugh though. 1 scene coming to the end of the movie we saw evil robot Ultron kill Quicksliver. Ultron weren't aiming for Quicksliver he just got in the way of the bullets by saving a member of his team and a young boy.

Now to the main point of my post...


Do you want to see Quicksliver return to the MCU?

If you think yes. Then my I suggest going and checking out my other story which is all about helping get Quicksliver back in the MCU which you can find under the title Avengers 2 SPOILERS ALERT: literally every bit of support helps.

If you think No. Then okay fair is fair Quicksliver isn't everyone's cup of tea, I just hoped you enjoyed the film.

The link for the people who do wanna see Quicksliver back in the MCU.,manual


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