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I have a few stories involving "spirits" however the one that will haunt me forever happened around 2009. I was going through a divorce and moved back to my home town with my daughter. My cousin opened her home up to me and my daughter, I started seeing someone after about a two years of being separated, and he stayed the night a few times. One of the nights he was over, our bedroom door was open for some reason, and we heard the toilet flush, the sink turn on and saw a small white figure bolt down the hall. I thought nothing of it because we had guest from out of town, so I assume in my sleepy stage that it was one of them. In the morning my boyfriend, at the time, asked me if I had heard and seen what he did. I told him yes and said it was someone there. He asked me who was that small? I remembered that it was the size of a child, and asked everyone of they used the bathroom. No one did. I shrugged it off and tried not to think about it. My cousin decided about a week later that she was going to go back with her friends to visit (they lived out of state) and that we could stay in her room. My boyfriend stayed with me while my cousin was gone because I didn't want to stay in the house alone. My daughter went for the Sumner to visit her father so I had my boyfriend stay with me so I wouldn't be alone. A few days after my cousin left, my bf and I were sitting in the bedroom talking when we heard voices coming from one of the other rooms, they started out like children's voices and got very deep and manly. Then we heard laughing. We decided to leave to his house for the night. We returned the next day only to have more strange things happen. The voices continued, we heard noises coming from the kitchen and other rooms. I was rally freaked out, we left the house for about a week. Again, we came back because I had a paper due and wanted to be at home to write it, that night after we fell asleep hearing voices again, i thought i woke up the bedroom was shaped differently. It had a long hall to the bed. I saw my daughter as a baby crawling to me crying, i closed my eyes and said "this isn't real" then i opened then to see my daughter a little older, waking and crying and calling me. I closed my eyes again and when i opened them i saw her again, older crying telling to pick her up, this went on a few more times, each time she was older and closer to me until she was right next to the bed and about ten years old, asking me why i wouldn't pick her up. I said because you are not real, my daughter isn't even here! I turned to wake my boyfriend up who just turned his head to me and had the creepiest smile on his face. At that moment i actually woke up, as did he. We heard a lot of loud noises in the kitchen, as if someone was rearranging the furniture. He got up and walked into the kitchen and asked Mr "do you need to see this, or do you just want to leave?" I of course needed to see it. I walked into the kitchen to find all the chairs were pushed in backward to the table, except the one my daughter always sat in, that one was pushed to the furthest part of the kitchen. I asked my bf if we could go to his place, at that moment all the gates (all the windows and sliding glass door had rod iron gating on them) began to shake, furiously. Needless to say we left. On the way to his house I told him before we woke up, I had a really crazy dream. He told me he did as well. He told me his dream before I told him mine, and it was almost the same (with the exception of my daughter.) He thought he woke up in his dream to and tried to wake me up, I also turned my head and smiled creepily, then he woke up. I didn't return until my cousin came back, and I immediately packed up and moved into my grandparents home. Even telling it years later gives me an upset stomach and my skin crawl. Talk about demonic.


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