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On one of my previous posts I got some hate. About Mindy mainly. And I didn't appreciate it at all. So this is my middle finger to those who honestly hate her and any other celebrity for just being them. And these are things all of us need to think about and take into consideration. So take in these facts....

1. Why does society get to choose what we need to look like?

I know how you feel. "Oh this is just another post of some girl pissed off about how shit is." And yes, i know millions of people said these same words but it didn't make a bit of difference, and neither will I. Or will i? Honestly i just want you guys to really think about what you think the ideal weight or look is to YOU. Not to everyone around you. Society says we need to be thin. We need to workout, we need to be pretty to make it, we have to go to college, we have to be successful, we have to live the american dream. But honestly, because of what society thinks, millions of us are being bullied. We are being rejected by men and women due to the way we look. Kids are picking on us, or maybe people at work or even your family are force feeding you crap. But don't take that crap guys. We can do this. We can live our lives just fine. We all have our flaws but our flaws make us who we are. So first things first.... forget what they say.

2. Fat Shaming

This one i really don't understand. And i have had experience with this, cause hey, i'm a big girl. But why does that determine whether or not someone is going to like me. Just like Mindy, she loves food and has curves big whoop good for her i say. But nowadays men and women look for a certain image to be with. The excuses i usually get are things like " We didn't click." "I'm looking for someone into things that i am." And my favorite "I want someone who can keep up with me." Fat shaming. And honestly, just because someone is bigger than you doesn't mean they are lazy. I enjoy being active and so do many of you out there. Its a very stereotypical thing: If your fat, your lazy. And im so sick of being picked on for my weight. And im sure you are too. So why is it acceptable for men and women to look down on us for what we look like and not our weight. Anorexia too, they might see you and think "their too skinny" "they have no muscles" "they cant do what i can do" The same things fat shaming may be. And due to this bullying millions of people out there think there is something wrong with them..... and some cant take that. But we need to be strong and just be us.

2. School is hard

Elementary school, middle school, high school. It was all hard. I was always bullied for my weight, for who i was and for the worst things. I was manipulated, tortured, and i probably cried way more than a person should. But college did make it better. Why cant life be like college? Laid back and if you want to rock a snuggie and eat donuts at an exam then go right ahead. And that's probably what i enjoy about being older. But i guess we will never understand why kids pick on other kids. Or do we? Could be cause they have their own problems so they pick on us to make themselves feel better. Or family life or maybe even just society. Who knows... But what i wish i would have done through all of my pain in school, was to be myself. I wish i would have stuck up for myself more often than not. Because i probably would have had a happier childhood. And that's how we should approach life. Don't let it knock you down, just say "alright" and go with it.

3. Relationships

I think that we can all agree that one day, we know that someone will love us for who we are. And i know days will be hard. You will have bad dates and have your feelings hurt and lose people you thought were your everything. But believe me, it will be ok. Just be yourself, and don't let any man or woman shame you for being you. Dont ever let them convince you your something that your not. They will call you names and hurt your pride but just hold your head up and act like you could never be bothered. And i know it sounds cliche, but i know i want to find love. Hell, we all do. Every human being on this earth wants to find love. Whether its family, friends, or maybe the person your meant to be with. Just keep in mind that you are unique, and don't ever let anyone make you think otherwise.

Thank you for reading and just remember. Be like Mindy, and just be yourself.


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