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Seriously, though, ladies, are you done with this movement yet? The radical feminists are so far removed from reality that they have now begun eating their own. Joss Whedon, probably one of the most outspoken feminist male allies, and the one man in Hollywood who has done the most single-handedly to further the cause of bringing more strong female characters to movies, television and comics, has deleted his Twitter account and gone into social media hermitude (is that a word? I think I may have made it up, but I don't really know) because of radical feminist outrage over Avengers: Age of Ultron and what they perceive as a failure to fully develop the Black Widow character. There is very little I can do with this information other than slowly shake my head as I hang it in shame of what the human race is becoming.

Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as the writer on what is commonly seen as probably the greatest run on the Wonder Woman comic book in the history of the character, is now being called a misogynist and a sexist and even a racist, if you can believe that. Joss Whedon, who once responded to the question, "Why do you always feel the need to write these strong female characters?" with the answer, "Because you're still asking me that question" is right now being thrown under the bus by the very movement he has been so dedicated to and has done so much to further their cause. Seriously, do these people have no shame? Here are some of the tweets Joss has received on his Twitter account since the second Avengers installment was released:


— dickwing (@achiIIcs) May 4, 2015

"defend joss whedon" lmao ok defend a racist, ableist, transphobic misogynist

— sebstan jess (@winemomcersei) May 4, 2015

aw. poor joss whedon had to leave twitter because people were pointing out how grossly sexist some of his movie is. aw. poor bb.

— crossfit jesus (@TresDean333) May 4, 2015

it's so easy to defend joss whedon now, isn't it? you defend him now? ok so ur basically defending a racist and sexist good 4 u

— felix (@jhnkeats) May 4, 2015

Joss Whedon deleted his Twitter after being called out for being hypocrite. After calling other movies sexist, his turns out to be sexist.

— Piper (@fyzzgiggidy) May 4, 2015

so disappointed in was one of the worst marvel movies @josswhedon literally didnt hide the fact that's he's a sexist jerk

— isa (@KDapazlo) May 4, 2015

not only was it out of character but it was sexist and absolutely no feminist supports you after that movie @josswhedon

— MAXIMOFFS AF TATI (@superheroskye) May 3, 2015

come on @josswhedon, talk some more about how Jurassic World is sexist and how women who cant have kids are monsters. :)

— sheida skywalker (@snowstarks) May 2, 2015

Thank goodness people are now realizing how misogynist and racist Joss Whedon is.

— Amber Ying (@diabola) May 4, 2015

@MarvelUK @MarkRuffalo Let's throw a shutout to @josswhedon for being racist sexist and misogynist! (:

— Annie Compton (@FailFleet) May 4, 2015

And it goes on and on. Seriously, have these people no shame? Actually, I think that question actually answers itself. They do not. So here is a man who has dedicated his entire career, and a significant portion of his personal life, to furthering the cause of putting strong female characters out there, and now he is getting trashed by the same people whose side he was on. And for what? Because Black Widow didn't get the screen time they felt she deserved? Because she didn't get the character development that she had received in the first Avengers or in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? I've got news for you people, this wasn't her movie and she isn't the only one on the team. Not every movie can be about her and only her. There are other members of the team, other characters who haven't had the development she's already gotten, like Bruce Banner and Hawkeye. Hawkeye, who probably got the most development of any character in Age of Ultron, was completely under used and almost totally ignored in the first Avengers movie.

Feminists aren't content with strong female characters who help to progress the story, no, they demand that every scene of every movie be about a woman. And how dare Joss Whedon address an issue that many women deal with in real life, infertility, and tell them that it is ok. That they don't need to feel like monsters, or inadequate, because they can't have children. Because that, my dear brainless feminists, is what that entire scene was actually about. And that was a significant development for that character. Women, when will you begin to distance yourself from these whack jobs? They are now going after one of your biggest advocates, chasing him away, and probably making him reconsider the direction of his career. They aren't furthering any cause, they are derailing it. When will you realize that radical feminism is doing more harm than good? Because it is.

Also, what about Avengers: Age of Ultron was racist? Is that a word they're just throwing out there? Please. It's time to bring some class and some common sense back into the conversation, because without it, there is no conversation to be had.


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