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Stay toasty, fellas! Dat boi has arrived.
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Almost every person on Earth was stoked for the release of this epic sequel to the Avengers.

This movie had amazing dialogues and superbly choreographed fights. It was so hard to decide which part of the movie was the best, because with every increasing minute, it seemed better and better.

It was one which kept us hooked on. I rarely blinked throughout the movie. So when I reached home, I knew I had to do a "Top 10 Moments."

So here it is! The Top 10 moments from [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) according to me. Hope you like it!


"Easy there, big guy."

Beauty tames the beast. Rightly said. We see a lot of romantic conversations between Bruce and Natasha. Both have played their roles effectively. Those serious revelations by Natasha make a deep impact on the storyline. Overall, we see people ship them at the end of the movie. It hints at their growing relationship in the future Marvel movies.


We all know what happened at then end of Captain America : The Winter Soldier. Fury torches off his eye patch leaving everything for good. But that's not gonna stop him from coming back. The Avengers need him. He returns in a badass manner surprising everyone and takes control once again. Samuel Jackson is a brilliant actor and I love how he still manages to get his work done by The Avengers.


"There are no strings on me..."

This guy just cannot be stopped. He has Tony's brilliance and ego. Extremely vicious, Ultron believes that the world can only be saved by evolution, which in fact, means extinction of the human population. He is obsessed and hell-bent on exterminating his creator; Mr. Tony Stark. Ultron also has a strange sense of humour apparently.


It is absolutely hilarious when the other members of the team try to lift Thor's hammer. This scene is also one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie. Miserably failing after every attempt, the fans are treated with comical expressions of their favourite characters.

The nervous look on Thor's face explains it all
The nervous look on Thor's face explains it all

The most notable one were Thor's facial expressions, which were triggered along with an element of surprise when Cappy almost lifted his hammer. Seriously awesome. That last line from Thor, "Or it's simple... You're all not worthy..." just takes the cake.


In this movie, we see a lot of new upgrades and enhanced fights. Tony Stark's Iron Legion, Captain America's magnetized shield, Hulk's enhanced "pants", Black Widow's costume improvements and Thor's new moves.

Hawkeye always gets major upgrades in his "Arsenal of Arrows" ;) Get it? No? Okay...

He probably gets them with the help of Stark. Now each one of those arrows are deadlier than ever with newer effects.

All of this combined, in a single film, totally makes us go "wow" no matter how many times we see it.


We catch a glimpse of this in Stark's dream, when Scarlet Witch messes with his brain. This was one of the biggest nerdgasms for the Marvel fans, as this also slightly hints at the Civil War which will be released in the next year.

This marks one of the most important plots in the Infinity War storyline, as Steve Rogers dies and the mantle is taken by his childhood best friend and the current Winter Soldier, Bucky. Let's hope we get to see this in the movie.


The quality of the picture isn't so good, but this was one of the most badass moments of the movie. Vision proves himself worthy of joining and helping the Avengers by lifting the hammer. Just simply fantastic. Take a bow, Marvel.


Just. Freaking. Awesome.

This fight cannot be described in words. You have to watch it. The amount of fabulousness is above 9,000!!!!

This battle will make you forget Mayweather and Pacquiao's fight of the century. Brutal, comical and quick....It had it all.


a) "Language"

Captain America doesn't like to use or hear bad words, apparently.

b) Thor : "Is that all you've got?"

(Ultron reveals his army)

Cappy : "You had to ask."

This scene is so comical.

c) "The city is flying, we are fighting an army of robots and I'm holding a bow and arrows. This doesn't make any sense."

"You walk out of that door and you're an Avenger."

We are happy that Hawkeye shows us his humorous side. This film is also gives him a very crucial role that he deserves. He urges the Scarlet Witch to join their side. If you're familiar with the comics, then you might know that it actually happens.

And here it is!! The top moment!!


"Fine. I'll do it myself."
"Fine. I'll do it myself."

I don't even have words to explain this. Just seeing Thanos' face gives me the creeps. He looks so cool! And they showed the Infinity gauntlet again!!

I am really sorry if I have missed any moment that you thought was amazing. Maybe I'll do a "Top 15" if you want me to ;)

Hope y'all liked it!!


So, did you enjoy Avengers : Age of Ultron?


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