ByJohnny B, writer at

One of the things that made the old Star Wars (4-6) so great is the fact they never even brought him up after what happened in 1-3. Jar Jar was never even really supposed to exist in the first place and he's probably the reason for the 4-6 'special edition' DVD's having all those stupid altered scenes of robots and animals doing stupid stuff (turning a historical trilogy into a joke) I'll admit it would be pleasing to see him dead (or to at least know his fate) but if you remember 1-3 he became some general or diplomat of some sort. Seeing him dead in the desert on tatoine wouldn't make allot of sense to those who have seen 1-3. So please just leave Jar Jar completely out of 7 and it's sequils. Jar Jar was probably thrown in 1-3 to provide more comedic relief like R2 & C3PO. R2 & 3PO provided enough comedic relief for the film without being to corny and stupid. They kept the comidy bits fresh and great while Jar Jar spoiled a good portion of the prequels for the true fans.

J J Abrams; I wish you the best of luck with Star Wars 7. You haven't made a movie I didn't like yet. I've seen cloverfield Super 8 your Star Trek 1 & 2, and I liked them all. Keep up the good work and please continue making Star Wars in the fan perspective. That's how a good movie is made and that's how to avoid the hate fans give certain movies. Please rediem Star Wars for what it once was; a historical movie trilogy.


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