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First of all, we got some new footage from Jurassic World as featured in an extended tv spot that does a good job putting the new movie in context and even gets some talking head time from the scarfed up Mr. Steven Spielberg himself. It spends the first minute or so heaping praise on the first Jurassic Park movie - even from the child actors Tye Sheridan and Nick Robinson who weren't even born yet when that movie came out!

It can and should be noted that this featurette does not make reference to the second or third Jurassic Park movies and that is likely for good reason. Those movies didn't take place on Isla Nublar - which is where Jurassic World is setting itself up as a direct sequel to that first movie. It features many call-backs to the first Jurassic Park movie including a certain dinosaur that may figure prominently after all is said and done.

The T-Rex Returns in Jurassic World

The film has a secret weapon when it comes to who is really king, or queen, of Isla Nublar. Jurassic World has been pointing out recently that it is indeed featuring Jurassic Park's T-Rex - yes the same T-Rex memorably seen roaring away at the end of that first movie. In Jurassic World we'll find that, as director Colin Trevorrow says, "She’s been on the island for 22 years. She’s still alive. She’s a little older, and she’s angry." The director has even referred to Jurassic World as, "this movie is her Unforgiven".

From what we've gathered about the new genetically modified Indominus Rex in Jurassic World - I've long suspected that the whole movie might be leading up to a Rex showdown between Indominus and the Tyrannosaurus. Even though there's the familiar line that we've heard in the trailers about Indominus Rex "killing for sport", it's likely a show of dominance over who is the alpha dinosaur on the island. And that's a crown that T-Rex has worn for 22 years now - so it simply makes sense that this clash of the titans would be the end game.

Indominus Rex's Unknown Potential

One of the big mysteries leading up to Jurassic World is what exactly the genetic hybrid cocktail of Indominus Rex is made of. The official website clarifies some of this by pointing to a mixture of Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops and Giganotosaurus. But there's long been a rumor that there may be other ingredients, even some as outlandish sounding as having a splash of cuttlefish DNA in there. And with an official look at some Lego toys, some designs of which had leaked long ago, there's more fuel to this fire.

From the look at Indominus Rex that we've seen from the various trailers - there's yet to be a big distinction from this new dino that makes it look a whole lot different from other big, hungry, hungry dinosaurs. This white, red eyed Indominous Rex Lego toy comes with a teasing description:

"43 feet long and 18 feet tall, this one-of-a-kind beast is even larger than a T.Rex, filled with unknown potential. What destructive capabilities lurk beneath its pale, spiky hide? The world will soon find out when this powerful predator is unleashed!"

Ok then! What does lurk beneath the pale spiky hide of Indominus Rex? One of the unique abilities of the cuttlefish - and likely the source of all these rumors - is the remarkable camouflage powers it has. Which is leading me to believe there may be some truth to these rumors yet. We've seen shots of Indominus Rex hiding and lurking behind jungle plants - is there some camouflage action at work here that have only been hinted at so far?

Chris Pratt & Vincent D'Onofrio in Jurassic World.
Chris Pratt & Vincent D'Onofrio in Jurassic World.

There have been a whole slew of new Jurassic World pics released recently, many of which you can find by clicking here, but so far no new looks at Indominus Rex. But in the trailers we have seen this dinosaur's ability to sneak up on people and even be standing right behind a guy without him even knowing it until that drop of blood falls on his arm. I'd say there are some pretty good clues that, along with this white Lego toy, might reveal a more drastically altered dinosaur than we've been lead to believe.

What do you think? Will Jurassic World reveal that Indominus Rex is a far more sophisticated and modified dinosaur than the trailers have let on? Do camouflaging abilities explain why the dinosaur is so difficult to track down and get put down? Take to the comments section and discuss, dear readers!


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