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AVENGERS:AGE OF ULTRON This week witnessed the world’s most grossing movie with the release of the sequel of marvel avengers

Named avengers age of ultron.Marvel cinematic universe released its sequel involving earth’s mightiest heroes known as the avengers. The avengers led by Steven Rogers a.k.a Captain America played by Chris Evans .The team contains billionaire Tony Stark as Iron man played by Robert Downey JR.,the thunder god Thor played by Chris Hemsworth , Russian spy Natasha Romanoff as black widow played by Scarlet Johansson , the green monster dr banner as hulk played by Mark Ruffalo and aim specialist Clint Barton as Hawkeye played Jeremy Runnier . These are the same heroes as in the avengers.


Baron was using the scepter to experiment on people. There were only two successful experiments on people, the maxim off twins. Wanda and Pietro Maxim off registered for the experiment after their house was destroyed by tony stark industries. The maximoff twins were known as scarlet witch and quicksilver in the comics respectively .there we saw cap amazingly dragging hydra soldiers on his bike,thor striking thunder on soldiers, iron man with his new suite, widow taking down soldiers by her fabulous fighting skills, Hawkeye taking perfect aim on soldiers and hulk smashing things. The first mission was successful by the avengers but they had some problems facing the twins. The twins got some powers due to the experiment. Pietro got powers like increased metabolism and quick response to environment stimulus whereas Wanda got some magical short Pietro had achieved fast running speed and wanda can control minds and show a person his darker side. During the mission when Hawkeye was taking on hydra’s tanks and soldiers, quicksilver with his amazing speed was taking the arrows fired by Hawkeye. Then quicksilver pushed Hawkeye in snow and said “you didn’t see that coming” in his amazing Russian accent and on the other hand wanda showed tony stark a darker side where all the avengers are almost dead because of him and he could not save this tony thought to make something more powerful than the avengers combined that can save the world during threats like world domination.

Tony and dr Banner started to develop a peace keeping program named Ultron. However they could not create the program that night followed by a party in stark tower of the avengers win over baron struker. The party also included Sam Wilson a.k.a Falcon as seen in Captain America The Winter Soldier, Rhodey a.k.a war machine, dr Cho a friend of dr Banner bought here to cure Hawkeye who was injured during the battle and many other friends of the avengers .in the scene cap referred to winter soldier, his best friend James Buchanan Barnes, cap spoke something about missing person’s file which meant Bucky. The party included a beautiful cameo of Stan Lee. After the party ended the avengers were sitting in a hall and having fun time. Clint, Banner, Tony tied to pick up Thor’s hammer known as Mjolnir but unfortunately no one could pic it. Then cap tried to do the same thing in which the hammer shook a bit witnessing a scared look on Thor’s face. Then Thor explained that one need to be worthy to pick up the hammer. While the avengers were having fun, the fun was interrupted by an irritating voice, and there comes the Ultron in the body of almost injured bot.

They all have a conversation about why the Ultron has come and who sent him. Ulton has some amazing dialogues and some humorous ones too. In that scene Ultron attacks the avengers with his robots and fled away in the end of the fight. Ultron then recruits Wanda and Pietro maximoff. Wanda was not able to read Ultrons mind because he was a robot.

Ultron tells them that his aim was to defeat and kill the avengers to create world peace but his actual plan was to destroy the whole world as all villains aim to. The twins also joined him in his plan unknown of his real plan. Ultron had covered himself with vibranium , the strongest metal on earth which was only found in the mountains of wakanda, the same metal caps shield was made. Wakanda is an African country ruled by t’challa a.k.a black panther which is also a marvel superhero and will have his own movie in 2017.after this the avengers were having meeting in the stark tower about Ultron where Thor stormed into the meeting grabbing tony by his neck because tony created Ultron. The avengers found Tony’s defense mechanism known as J.A.R.V.I.S dead.

Ultron and the twins went to make a business deal with klaw, a Russian man who kept arms and ammunition .klaw is a very well-known villain in marvel comics and a regular foe of Black Panther. Unknowingly klaw compares Ultron with tony stark because of their intellenge Ultron, angered by this cuts a hand of klaw saying “don’t compare me with stark, he is a sickness”; and just by this statement there comes the avengers with tony, cap and Thor in front of Ultron. There tony says “Awe, you are goanna break your old man’s heart” and there starts the third fight of the movie tony taking on Ultron, cap and Thor taking the robots and the twins. Pietro with his great speed was hitting the avengers big blows .at the same time he saw thors hammer flying and tried to catch it and you all know the result. Pietro was dragged to a corner by the hammer in that scene wanda shows Captain America, Thor, black widow their darker side. When Wanda tried to control Hawkeye, Hawkeye immediately hit her with a shocking arrow at that time Pietro reached there and took his sister away from that place .but wanda wanted to complete her mission and saw dr banner in the quinjet. The next scene we see is hulk angry with bleeding red eyes controlled by Wanda. Hulk was in the middle of a street. Tony arrives at the scene and communicated with veronica his type of space shuttle. Then we see a technology of stark in space coming towards him. The robotic type of mechanism wraps him up and he becomes a huge iron man of a size of hulk better known as hulk buster in comics. Tony tries to make a conversation with hulk about what the witch had done to him instead hulk in anger attacks tony and the best action scene happens between iron man and hulk.

Hulk and tony goes on to burry buildings and thing to ground. There was an epic scene of both going into a building and breaking it down .the scene was epic because of the visual effects of the movie. After the fight the avengers had nowhere to go they only had a quinjet. At that time Hawkeye drives the airplane to his safe house. In the quinjet we could see all the avengers broken from the inside by scarlet witch and that’s what Ultron wanted, to tear them apart from the inside.

Hawkeye takes them to a house in a village and it turns out to be his own house where his wife and two children were staying. This scene was a kind of Easter egg for the young avengers. The family knew Natasha in person. This scene was humorous too because we saw Thor had broken some Lego toys of the children by mistakenly stepping on it and then he tries to hide it under the table. Laura Barton, wife of Hawkeye was pregnant with their third child.thor was disturbed with his vision during the battle so he stormed out of the scene telling cap that he wanted to check something. Tony arrives at that scene and hears from cap that cap trusted Thor and believed that he would be his friend which cap found difficult to find. Cap and Tony go in the woods to cut some broken branches. At the same time Laura says Barton something that Barton replies that the avengers are gonna need him. The movie had good scenes of Hawkeye which were derived from Hawkeye in the first installment .in the avengers Hawkeye was just a mindless soldier controlled by Loki.

The movie is epic and to be honest it was also better than the first movie. We could see more action in this film and less talking. I am personally giving this film 9/10. Not 10/10 because I did not like too much of Russian accent. The movie could not show more of the maximoff twins.


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