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The stars of Avengers talked to the media and discussed their experiences with latest technological products. Some of them have praised technical products while others have opposed them.

The actors of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ may fight out artificial intelligence on the screen but in the real world, they are interested in the high-level technology. The Press talked to them about how they feel regarding the high-tech world. Robert Downey Jr., star of Avengers, said that he feels public has to accept it that shadow play is a part of entertainment, where it takes over the stuff. He humorously joked about his watch as a piece of technology and claimed that he is satisfied with the performance of his watch.

Actor, Mark Ruffalo, spoke about artificial intelligence weaponry, which is in the process of development. He feared that the Chief Executive of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, would oppose the artificial technology.

Star, Elizabeth Olsen, is not fond of technology, as she said that she could not progress with time. Her mother cannot check messages on her cellular phone. She added that she prefers technology for saving the planet. Her conversation suggests that she is feared of the harmful environmental effects of modern products.

Furthermore, Chris Hemsworth tends to favor technology, as he loves robots. He is interested in the services provided by the high-tech creations, as he affirms his love for robots, especially if they clean his house and change nappies. He added, “I want to solve my problems through their services”. His words indicate that he adores an easy life. He is quite different from Ms. Olsen and Mr. Ruffalo.

Jeremy Renner also appreciates technology, as he expresses his amaze towards them. He added that humans abuse technology. His views are similar to the views of Olsen, as both of them are feared of the harmful effects of technology.

Cobie Smulders exaggerated amusingly that she could not use her phone properly, and added that technology is progressing at a rapid pace. Her words explain that the complexities of new products have confused her.

Scarlet Johansson has said that she is feared of Mr. Musk’s statement regarding the end of humanity. Her statement tells us that she is not an admirer of the statement given by the Chief Executive of Tesla Motors.

James Spader discusses the adverse effects of technology, as he stated that the use of televisions has harmed the cultural values of the society. His statement indicates that he is a very conservative person.

Similarly, Paul Bettany has discussed the negative and positive effects of modern digital products, as he said that technology is a double-edged sword. One can use it for both purposes – good and bad. It can carry out printing and cut off one’s relatives. His arguments tend to inform that humans are the ones who are responsible for the outcomes of technological products.

The conversation of all the actors advocates that new products have affected all of them to a certain extent. Some of them prefer new inventions, as they believe that they have made lives much convenient, while others oppose them, as they view that technical features are responsible for destroying human life.

The different views of the actors are adequate to infer that all of them have been exposed to a variety of new technical products that have forced them to respond in a very objective manner. Johansson’s view tends to surprise us, as she is not fond of the Chief Executive of the electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla Motors. The interviewer should probe to find out the factors responsible for shaping the ‘mysterious’ views. Now, as the much-awaited ‘Avengers’ sequel has hit the cinemas, it is yet to be seen that to what extent these views are able to affect the image of these stars.


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