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Robert Downey Jr. has a lot to be proud of with regards to how his career has been going as of late. Most recently, he's currently still relishing in the tremendous success of smash hit [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). The charismatic actor is not done, however, not even close. He has Sherlock Holmes 3 on the horizon, along with numerous other projects that are also in the works.

Like many celebrities nowadays, RDJ has an influential and overall massive social media presence, which, of course, includes Facebook. The man has 24 million fans that like his page! What better platform is there out there to use to tease us on what is next for the actor and his career?

Well, he fired off a new post that shows what appears to be a kind of disheveled looking RDJ that could be our very first glimpse at the new Sherlock Holmes film.

Check it out:

Master of disguise...

Posted by Robert Downey Jr on Monday, May 4, 2015

The caption is simple... "Master of disguise..." It looks like RDJ really went for it with this role! He's clearly a handsome guy, but this "disguise" is certainly not his most flattering look. Cool to see a guy go from Tony Stark to yet another iconic role looking like this.

Compare that to how he looked in the past films.

I mean, I guess I would have to say I prefer the clean-cut RDJ look, but in both cases he's definitely making it work. If anyone can pull off "homeless-chic" it's this man. THE man. RDJ.

On a side note, I think it's awesome how he engages with fans. Much cooler to get this photo directly from RDJ than from the producers or some more official outlet. Keep doing you, RDJ... keep doing you.

(Via: Facebook)


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