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These horrifying deformed babies were exhibited in a freak show as late as 2010, but despite the fact that they are made of real human skin, there is no need to call child services about these pitiful creatures.

Rogue taxidermist, Takeshi Yamada, lovingly handcrafted these babies with his own blood, sweat and skin along with other organic ingredients including animal bones for a uniquely morbid art show.

Takeshi Yamada at his 'Freak Baby Museum'
Takeshi Yamada at his 'Freak Baby Museum'

The Osaka born Japanese artist creates fake creatures out of organic and inorganic materials, sometimes pushing things to the extreme for the sake of realism.

Yamada, who considers his creations 'specimens' as opposed to objects of self expression, explained how he harvested his own skin to curious fans on the Amusing the Zillions blog, he said:

"During summer months, I shed skins multiple times, and I carefully remove them from my body, save them, and preserve them as ‘specimens’ for my Cabinet of Curiosities. I mounted my own skin specimens on the super-realistic replicas of freak human babies, which I created. In this way their body surfaces look really real, [more] than ones replicated in other materials (rubber, plastic, fiberglass, clay etc.). In loose terms, my freak babies are my clones."

While this practice might be enough to turn the stomach, there's no denying that it does lend a certain sort of chilling realism to the babies below...

Octopus Baby

The Octopus Baby was inspired by a real life eight limbed baby who was born in India in 2005. The little girl has since had surgery to remove her extra limbs and is attending school with her peers.

Lizard Baby

Although babies can be born with tails, Yamada's 'Lizard Baby' clearly had more mythological influences.

Mermaid Baby

This baby was based on a condition that is scientifically known as 'Sirenomelia.' Commonly referred to as Mermaid Syndrome, this congenital deformity is found in approximately one in every 100,000 live births.

Lobster Baby

This mummified looking 'Lobster Baby' was probably based on the Stiles family, a long line of people who were afflicted with ectrodactyly. You can read more about their harrowing true story HERE.

Two-Headed Baby

Although two-headed babies like the 'specimen' above seem to be straight out of American Horror Story: Freak Show, Polycephaly is a real condition that people such as Abigail and Brittany Hensel have survived into adulthood. Check out these extraordinary twins driving a car and completing each others sentences in the clip below:

Penguin Baby

This penguin babies golden locks make its deformities all the more poignant.

Yamada's 'freak baby museum' is currently closed, but you can check out more of his artwork on his website HERE.

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