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People have opinions, I have opinions and it's time to speak to you about them. The first season of Gotham has finally come to an end so I thought I'd talk about my final verdict on the finale and the show as a whole. Spoilers ahead so if you somehow give a damn at this point, I advise you look away.

People did not like this finale, that seemed quite clear. Things just didn't sit right with with them but you know what? I quite enjoyed the finale. Now you might be thinking "Fluffy, have you gone mental? Are you delusional? ARE YOU INSANE?" The answer is yes but not because of Gotham, I'm just crazy in general. Okay, now let me explain.

This show's awful, I'm not going to sugar coat it, it's a complete mess. It's a Batman show for the sake of making a Batman show that doesn't have Batman in it. It's dumb. It's like if Sony made another Spider-Man reboot but gave Kevin Fiege the finger as they did it. It got to a certain point where I just didn't care anymore and whatever Gotham vomited out at me, I simply laughed off and enjoyed myself. The show is stupid so I did my best to embrace that.

The issue with the finale is that people were expecting something from it. Why would you do that to yourself? Were you honestly expecting something better than mediocre? Have you not learnt from Lost? I wasn't looking for a great end, nor a decent end, not even a good end. I was just expecting an end and that's exactly what I got so I can't complain.

Maroni has declared war on Falcone because Penguin sabotaged his own scheme to get Falcone out of the picture. The Penguin has been an idiot, he acts like he has a stick up his butt and is minutes away from being mauled by a shark, the guy has no balls, but he does at the same time. I just laugh at him now and embrace the nonsense that this character is.

Catwoman was dumb in this episode, I didn't care so I just filtered her out of the episode. Also, she should a little less like a TF 2 character. Fish returns, I hate her, she isn't the most hated person and the show and that's saying something. Her accent is dumb and she's really arrogant. I just couldn't help but lol at the moment she shot Maroni because he called her "babes". So stupid, so funny.

So Falcone is retiring from the business Godfather-style and is passing the torch onto Jim. I'm not convinced by his relationship with Jim's father and it just feels shoehorned and unnecessary. He hasn't really moved me except for that time he strangled Fish's "sidekick" so perhaps it's for the best he left. It's all about being optimistic with this episode, trust me, it's more fun that way.

Penguin and Fish battle it out near the edge of a cliff. I think, "Penguin's going to be okay in water because he's a penguin. Oh wait, she's a fish. Looks like they're both screwed." Ah, the things that make me laugh, so silly. Butch ends up shooting them both because he was brainwashed and stuff. Penguin recovers and pushes Fish off the cliff and screams "I'm the King of Gotham!" That's a little too Titanic for me buddy but I appreciate the effort.

Barbara is an insufferable female dog and I hate her guts. She has done some appalling things and blamed other people for it so at this point, anything other than talking is great for her character. She takes counselling with Lee to recover from her encounter with Peter Petrelli, ahem, Ogre. Sorry, been binge watching Heroes lately. Way better than this piece of sh*t.

Barbara eventually goes all Joker/Jack Torrence (same actor, doesn't matter) on Lee and tries to kill her. I have to say, I f*cking loved this. It's stupid and bat-sh*t crazy and it's the kind of crap that should be on the show more often. Barbara actually did something that didn't make me want to punch her, it might have been attempting to kill Jim's new girlfriend but it's a start.

Bruce and Alfred get down and turn the lounge room upside down for secrets. This entire arc has reminded me way too much of The Amazing Spider-Man so I just really want this to go somewhere already. They did go somewhere, the Batcave. It's cheesy and a little predictable but I care so little that I've found myself going into a new spectrum of giving a sh*t and have found some entertainment out of this. A tiny bit of entertainment but it's there.

After being completely absent from the episode, Nygma gets a shoehorned-in scene where Kringle confronts Nygma. He denies it and then goes all Cuckoo Clock Of Doom on us (yeah, I read Goosebumps, where's that trailer Jack Black?!) Apparently he has split personality disorder like Two-Face but also has the insanity of The Joker so that's original. I've been giving this too much crap, I'm really happy that Nygma finally realised that Kringle is a kringleberry and has turned to the dark side of the force. Dun dun duun, dun dun-dun, dun dun-dun (that was the Imperial March if you couldn't tell).

I made ten pop culture references in this article, it probably isn't my record but it's up there. I gave up hope on this show a while ago so I found this finale quite pleasant. That doesn't mean Gotham should be renewed, no way in hell. I give an exhausted, no sh*ts given clap to the finale and say goodbye until FOX decides they want more money. I'm out!


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