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I'm the biggest marvel geek. Love thinking of theories

Before you start reading there is SPOILERS of AoU in this article

I thought I would share my theory about a specific avenger...... Quicksilver

After deciding to fight with the avengers he tries to save his home country of Sokovia.Hawkeye was putting all the people on the ship he hears a mother screaming trying to find her son and Hawkeye finds him under some rubble.Ultron gets in a shield jet and shoots the crap out of Hulk and starts shooting towards Hawkeye.Quicksilver being a hero runs and moves them out the way to get shot multiple times by ultron

Does anyone remember when this certain avenger appeared?

Well the chamber which the vision was "born" in well it could regenerate skin cells and tissue

So surely good old Dr.Cho could regenerate quicksilver's body and Thor could well use his lightning powers to shock life right into him

this is my first article let me know in the comments about my theory

Did you see that coming?

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