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One of the biggest points of contention with the Kingdom Hearts series has been its rather peculiar relationship with difficulty. The first entry into the KH series is actually a pretty tough challenge and a lot of gaming publications criticised it for being so. Every addition to the Kingdom Hearts world has fluctuated afterwards in terms of the challenges that it doled out to players.

We saw Kingdom Hearts 2 really pull it back in terms of difficulty, whereas some of the handheld titles had bosses wiping their ass with you. It's unusual. Now with Kingdom Hearts 3 in the pipeline for a release date, we're wondering where players stand on how difficult it should be to play as Sora once more. Square Enix are going to want to reach a wide audience with Kingdom Hearts 3, therefore the difficulty may be scaled back. But do you like your Kingdom Hearts games hard as nails?

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 & Its Difficulty On Release Date

I've seen videos with Kingdom Hearts fans proclaiming that the original Kingdom Hearts game was their favourite, purely due to how hard a challenge it can be. I for one found the game to be beyond frustrating, especially the final boss fight against Riku. It felt unnecessarily hard at times, especially for a game that was appealing to a younger audience at the time, what with all of its Disney characters.

But then a game needs to have some form of challenging aspects for us to enjoy and be rewarded with that great sense of accomplishment. I just wonder which game is actually the model that Square Enix will adopt, and whether the diehard fans of Kingdom Hearts will want Kingdom Hearts 3 to kick them up and down endless corridors. How hard should it be?

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3: How Hard Should it Be?

For one thing, I really don't want Kingdom Hearts 3 to be as hard as Chain of Memories - the whole cards system was ridiculously annoying. I had to stop playing, I just didn't think the game was worth putting so much effort into only to be endlessly frustrated with its battle system. Therefore, if Kingdom Hearts 3 wants to be a hard game, it will hopefully not be difficult in the way that the card system or awful camera options in KH1 inhibited our abilities.

But how tough do you want your Kingdom Hearts experience to be? Is the original a great model? Is Kingdom Hearts 2 perfect for you? There's always different difficulty settings of course, but the normal difficulty setting should always have a certain tailored challenge to hand out. But how hard should that challenge be in Kingdom Hearts 3 on its release date for the XBOX One and PS4? Let us know in the comments!


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