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It's been about nine months since the passing of the late, great Robin Williams, but even though he's no longer with us, that doesn't mean he's done treating us to some laughs.

Robin Williams' final recorded role has the comedy legend lending his iconic voice to a character of the canine variety. Alongside Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, Eddie Izzard, Rob Riggle, and the men of Monty Python, Williams will play a talking dog named Dennis in the British comedy Absolutely Anything. Check out the first trailer below:

First, there are aliens

This council of aliens give one random Earthling all of the power in the world. If he decides to use them for evil instead of good, they'll destroy the world.

They choose Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg) for the task

What's a human to do with absolute power?

Needless to say, he gets a little distracted helping himself first

First things first, some mild peeping.

He decides to hear the inner monologue of his dog Dennis (Robin Williams)

"Biscuits. Biscuits! Please, please, please? Nothing else matters!"

And to slightly alter his physique...

Great body? Check. Really big... member. Check!

He makes a few mistakes along the way

Like accidentally creating zombies.

But he also made a dog who can use utensils, so I'd call that a win

Who doesn't love a talking dog?

Sure, it basically sounds like the plot of Bruce Almighty, but with some new adventures. Personally, I'm not complaining! That movie is hilarious. Either way, this looks like it'll be a funny, feel-good comedy that everyone can enjoy. At the very least I'll be seeing it to hear Robin's voice one more time.

Absolutely Anything doesn't have a U.S. distributor at the moment, but it will be released in U.K. on August 14th.


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