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The Little Mermaid was the wonderful Disney movie which kick-started the 10-year-long Disney Renaissance. Nobody could resist the curious mermaid Ariel, her bubbly (literally!) friend Flounder or the charming Prince Eric - not to mention catchy tunes like this:

The movie is now over 25-years-old and winning over a whole new generation of children, as well as inspiring artists like Tumblr artist TheNamelessDoll who has made some seriously cool fan art.

TheNamelessDoll is a digital illustrator from Europe who had the wonderful idea of turning many of our favorite Disney princesses (as well as a few unofficial princesses) into mermaids in the style of Ariel. The results are not only pretty magical, but quite simply impressive because not only are they artworks, but they're actually GIFs, giving us a little taste of what a film with a Cinderella or Tiana mermaid might look like! But don't take my word for it, dive under the sea and check them out yourself:

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Could you imagine how pretty a sleeping mermaid beauty would look under the sea with her hair billowing out with every breath? Aw!

Jasmine from Aladdin

I have no idea how a soggy magic carpet ride would work in the ocean, but perhaps Jasmine and Aladdin could substitute the rug for a clamshell?


Poor Mulan looks totally upset sitting on the rocks in the rain, I know one thing is for sure - pretending to be a boy when you're a mermaid would be a lot harder than in her original film.


Pocahontas looks like she is poised to paint with all the colors of the wind as she admires the beautiful sunset from her rock.

Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

Mermaid Tiana looks deep in thought here, perhaps she's wondering how she can make her world famous beignets despite being under water?

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Ariel's grotto would be the perfect place for the curious book-lover Belle, but I wonder how many sea-dwelling beasts there are on the ocean floor (aside from Ursula that is!).

Megara from Hercules

She may not be an official Disney princess but that doesn't mean Megara can't be included - besides she has the perfect hair for a dinglehopper to comb through.


It might be hard to find your Prince Charming when you can't wear a glass slipper on your fin, but I'm sure mermaid Cinderella and Prince Charming would find a way in the end!

Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Another non-official Disney Princess who totally fits right in here, after all she is from Atlantis - she's pretty much an unofficial mermaid as well.

Nita from Brother Bear 2

I don't know a lot about Nita (who is another non-official Disney princess), but i can't help but love this mashup all the same, especially because Nita can understand animals, which seems like a prerequisite if your best friend is going to be a flounder fish!

Source: The Nameless Doll via The Huffington Post


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