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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are on their honeymoon in Mexico and Brazil, and while they aren't gracing the stunning beaches with their buff bods, they are doing what newly weds do best...

According to Hollywood Life, Ian and Nikki are unsurprisingly setting aside a lot of sexy time to get intimate with each other on their romantic vacation.

An insider source (a.k.a. the office interns lurid imagination and a google search) told the gossip website that:

"Nikki and Ian spent their honeymoon at the Amansala Echo-Chic Resort & Spa in Tulum, Mexico. It was the perfect place for them because it’s all about yoga and nature. It has a bohemian feel, very much like Nikki and Ian’s style. They stayed in a beachfront cabana that overlooked the sea."

While that is innocent enough, yet another anonymous source (who knew there were so many spies at secluded beach resorts!) popped up to spill some more lurid details, they whispered that:

"Ian and Nikki had a great honeymoon in Mexico, but they didn’t see much of the sites, instead, they locked themselves away in their bedroom for hours on end for hot and steamy sex sessions. They really are quite insatiable and cannot get enough of each other. The few times they did appear in and around the resort they certainly appeared flustered, but then they were soon back in the bedroom for another few hours, resurfaced for an hour or two, then straight back for more lovemaking. They are definitely having a lot of fun while they’re away!"

Imagine a couple looking hot and flustered in the blazing midday sun, the cheek of it all!

While it's 98 percent certain that this information is pure fabrication, I still kind of want someone to call Ian and Nikki and get them to comb their 'beachfront cabana' for hidden cameras. Anyone who knows that level of detail about what they've been up to behind closed doors should face charges!

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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