BySam Warrington, writer at

Not one to shy away from expressing herself, Miley has shown the world a new fashion statement, bright pink armpit hair.

She posted the pictures of herself and her hair colorist Justin Anderson on her Instagram page with the hashtags , while they were waiting for the dye to develop.

And it looks like Miley has received quite a lot of praise for her wacky actions, with one fan saying;

Omg you’re crazy and I f*king love it. Always be yourself, that’s bezzzt. Nice pink arm pit and thankzzz for showing ppl it’z ok to have pubic as women, you slay gurl.”

The popstar is not afraid to push boundaries, she even spoke to Sir Paul McCartney wearing nipples tassels, so pink armpit hair can't be that much of a shock!

Who knows, it might become the hot new trend of the summer!

source: Gossip Cop


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