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Disney princesses are known for their poise, charm, elegance, fierceness, as well as beauty. Their hair is always perfectly styled, clothes pressed to a tee, and somehow they wake up with their makeup always looking flawless (no stray eyelashes or smudged eyeliner in sight).

Pinup Girl Clothing has captured these elements and combined them with the feminine fashion of the 50s to create dresses, shirts, and skirts to bring out the Disney princesses in all of us.

I'm normally the most comfortable in a pair of jeans and my Doc Martens, but Holy Mad Hatter, I might trade those in for a dress or two from this beautiful clothing line.

I really can't handle the cuteness.

Check out these dazzling outfits, but beware. You're going to want to pull out your credit card within the first 5 seconds and replace your entire wardrobe ASAP.

Queen of All The Hearts

Her accessories with the red accents are a really nice touch when paired with this gorgeous Alice In Wonderland-inspired skirt.

Under The Sea

This one is probably my absolute favorite. I have always wished I was a mermaid, and this dress will certainly make me feel like one.

As Delicious As a Red Apple

The cartoon-ized Evil Queen almost looks adorable. I said almost!

Magic Castle

The model looks incredibly enchanting. Why be a princess stuck in a castle when you could just wear the caste?

Dancing Horses

She is looking as dainty as those pink horses lining the bottom of her skirt. Simply ravishing!

Take Me To Neverland

A dress that doubles as a map to one of the most magical places in existence? Now that's a dress for a girl who doesn't want to deal with GPS.

I may be a bit of a tomboy, but I do enjoy getting dolled up every so often and really embracing my feminine side. And these outfits are just the getup to wear when you want to primp up.

So bust out your red lipstick, tuck those stray hairs in, and don't be afraid of batting those eyelashes. Because in these dresses, you're surely a princess.

[Source: Pinup Girl Clothing]


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