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Terminator Genisys is looking like it will be the biggest head-scratcher in a summer movie season that is loaded with some crazy sequels (Jurassic World) and at least one other big blockbuster that is hoping to revive another long-dormant franchise (Mad Max: Fury Road). Not only is Terminator 5 going willy-nilly with its time traveling ways and rewriting the history of Sarah Connor, but the last trailer made a huge reveal about who one of the major villains is - none other than supposed savior of the human race, John Connor.

Who's the Real Villain in Terminator 5?

Or is it? More than a few people have taken to websites and blogs to express their disbelief and nerd rage about the second Terminator Genisys trailer showing this reveal and referring to it as a spoiler and another example of a trailer giving too much away. But maybe, just maybe, the studio behind this movie knows a bit more about what's in store in Terminator 5 than we do? Perhaps there's more than meets the eye with this John Connor business and this is just another robot in disguise?

Matt Smith fights the future war in Terminator 5.
Matt Smith fights the future war in Terminator 5.

One thing is for sure, there's a big ace up the sleeve of Terminator Genisys in the form of former Doctor Who, Matt Smith. We know he's in the movie and we know that so far the folks behind Terminator 5 have been keeping his character shrouded in secrecy - so much so that a previous leak from a top-secret screening has all but been scrubbed clean from the internet by Paramount. If you think that the big bad in Terminator Genisys is John Connor, you may want to reconsider.

Matt Smith is actually playing the physical embodiment of Skynet in Terminator 5 and is set to be the villain behind the John Connor terminator.

Will the Real John Connor Please Stand Up?

Of course, there is still the question of whether or not John Connor does turn bad in Terminator Genisys, but just because a terminator is sent back in time that looks like John Connor, doesn't mean it is John Connor. Skynet could very well have corrupted the John in the future, or found out a way to tap into his mind or use his DNA, but that may only raise the stakes of the movie - giving Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese more pressure to fix things and maybe even try to save the future John by traveling forward in time.

New Terminator 5 poster puts John in the middle.
New Terminator 5 poster puts John in the middle.

Right from the start, things were looking complicated in Terminator Genisys - so much so that I wouldn't be surprised if they hand out a pamphlet at the theater to help viewers out - or maybe release a trailer for the movie that simply walks us through the elaborate timeline as it stand now before things go all whackadoo in the new movie. Where's ol Doc Brown with his chalkboard when you need him?

Fighting the Future of Terminator Genisys

I like playing the speculation game probably more than the next guy, so maybe I'm a bit surprised that so many people have taken the John Connor robot reveal to be such a face-value spoiler. I definitely think Terminator Genisys has more than a few big spoilers still waiting to be revealed and I think you can take it as a good sign that something so big could be part of the movie's second trailer as it more than likely means there's plenty left in store.

After the disappointment of Terminator Salvation, I think the best thing Terminator Genisys can do is completely shake things up. The movie is set to be the beginning of a new trilogy and it looks like the future of the franchise is completely on its mind from what we've seen and the rumors that are out there. The second trailer also made a blink and you'll miss it tease to what "Genisys" actually is and the implications this new corporation may have on things going forward. Having said that, I hope that Terminator 5 is a satisfying movie on its own though and isn't going to end on some incomplete cliffhanger.

What do you think? Is there a bright future for Terminator Genisys and a new trilogy? What kind of impression have the first trailers made on you? Take to the comments and let us know!


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