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I write this post for all those people who say that this Olicity killing Arrow (to mention that most of them are men who hate romance in television shows) if 75% of the fandom loves Olicity is something... also say that they have to have all sorts of opinions even if some are not consistent

1. Olicity has not been neither precipitated nor forced! I remind you that the show has already been 3 seasons and Olicity is the relationship more slowly is to gradually giving. People who think that seems to be that no wonder as two people can be friends and little bit go falling in love.

2 call Olicity a fan - service seems absurd since everyone has seen and still seeing the extraordinary chemistry that exists between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards... even the writers have said more than once that relationship is due to this reason and realism in the show.

3. the upset of this couple who tend to be always the same or some comics purists (because and read many comics fans praising this couple), fans who hate the romance in television shows since they only should have fight and death, and as no fans of the pair of Oliver and Laurel

4 Always resorting to the excuse of the comic seems a little ridiculous since even actors writers have said that the show does not follow the comic... all this should remember to either learn by press releases

5. Obviously this season been very dramatic but not for Olicity if not for everything.

6 To by Felicity desperate by being so much crying this season I would like to ask... Who to mother? By that I have not seen anyone.

7. I love this season I think that Arrow must pass through all the stages either more dark

8. no doubt the relationship between Oliver and Felicity is one of the most real of the show and not just for the love that you have one another if not by the trust and the purity of their relationship.

9. Now speak of Laurel and Oliver and this I do for some things read in another post saying that all had felt when Oliver and Laurel is wanted... ERROR! This story always I thought it was horrible and not by Oliver and Felicity if not for everything itself... is could understand someone forgive someone who has run away with your sister, has deceived her and to top it off with thousands of girls more? Not to mention that the chemistry between Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell is null. This story is not based more there than in betrayal.

10. I say goodbye to this post saying that the leee is weary almost always the same people complaining of great value for the simple fact of wanting more action in the show when it is what more there. And not remember that this season not has has based only on Olicity since sentences have been together!

Sorry for my english.

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