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First of all, yes. It absolutely should be. For those of you that only saw the movie and didn't read the book (Right there with you by the way) The movie only covered a little bit of the book. For good reason. The book was LOOOONG. Like painstakingly long. But worth the read if you have a year of your life to devote to a book. I can only say I have only ever read as much of the book as the first movie covered. But I digress.

There is so much of the book that was left out the first go around. In case you didn't know an hour and a half isn't enough to cover 1,138 pages. But they did leave off the original in a good spot. In case it's been years since you've seen it I'll remind you. Everyone is an adult now and after going through every adult's recollection of they're encounter with Pennywise (It) we come to the last member of the group, Stan goes through his experience and he gets a call from Mike that Pennywise has returned and he goes into the bathroom and commits suicide after writing "IT" on the wall in blood...................Fade out.

Pennywise is too long to write when I'm dying.
Pennywise is too long to write when I'm dying.

Now great place to leave us for a sequel because all the adults now know he has come back. But we never got it. And with news of Will Poulter being cast as Pennywise in the inevitable remake of the movie,


one can only hope that they have plans to do more than just one movie. And I'm not saying they couldn't do the entire book in one movie. But in order to do that a lot of the book would have to be cut out due to time constraints. (and when you cut stuff out the one's who actually read the thing, will complain your ear off to where you wanna punch them in the face)

The point of the original is showing what the kids went through individually with the monster. Along with showing their lives as adults. The monster returns. The kids made a blood oath to return to fight the monster if he ever came back. So they decide to get together and do it again. BUT THEY DON'T!

At least not in the movie. They do in the book. And that is where the possibility of a trilogy comes in.

Movie #1: The kids: The movie deals with the kids being hunted by Pennywise and they decide to team up and fight him. And when they defeat him they make their oath to return if he does. Fade to black.

Movie #2 : The adults: 27 years have gone by and Pennywise is back. The group must get back together but then OH NO STAN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!! Now we have that to deal with.

Movie #3 : THE FINAL SHOWDOWN: Well, like I said earlier I didn't actually finish the book so I'll have to find out how the third one goes with the rest of you that have other things to do. (Apparently there was some kind of turtle involved or whatever)

But you get the point. Do you think "It" could hold its own as a trilogy?


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