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No Man's Sky has become one of the most frustratingly quiet games in 2015 - though we won't have too long to wait if this Australian magazine was right! Hello Games haven't released a lot information about the much anticipated indie title for several months - therefore it's been left in the hands of the community to generate discussions about the game and its gameplay elements.

The latest form of discussion that really peaked our interest was the topic of the 'malevolent forces' that navigate the universe. Hello Games have stated that they are robotic entities who's sole purpose is the protection of their worlds. In fact, they can't really be all that malevolent, as they're programmed to ignore your activities as long as you peacefully interact with your environments. They maintain a form of balance in the universe and ensure that our presence doesn't upset that balance in No Mans Sky.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky & the Malevolent Forces of the Universe

These robotic monitors are intriguing little things. On some planets they patrol, keeping an eye out for anyone who kills creatures, carves out resources, or generally changes the environment. However, if you adopt the way that Sean Murray and his team advocate you play - wandering around and observing your environments and peacefully collecting samples - you'll be left alone. If you draw their attention though, they attack like traditional first-person shooter enemies, shooting lasers, strafing, and taking cover. So they won't be all that new, but the great idea that gamers have uncovered - which is certainly a trope of indie games associated with space - relates to our own position in the universe.

WE ARE EVIL! As we're all well aware, humans are devastating to their own planet. We've seen so many films and games tackle the issue of space exploration and how our destructive capabilities would affect the rest of the universe. Even Wall-E shows the potential for how devastating we could be! Well, it seems a lot of fans of No Man's Sky believe we could be the enemy on its release date!

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

No Mans Sky - Will Players Be The Malevolent Force On Release Date?

If we take a look at the likes of The Swapper or even partly in Mass Effect, entities have seen mankind as a threat to the galaxy. We've seen how our exploration into the final frontier has brought ruin and messed with the balance that other lifeforms have created.

It seems quite logical, that once Hello Games release No Man's Sky for the PS4 this year, the universe in-game will suddenly be populated with potentially millions of people! We'll be gathering resources from planets, interacting with wildlife and maybe upsetting the balance of places that were doing perfectly fine without our invasive arrival. Therefore, some hypothesise that that's what the title is all about!

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

The sky is not a place for man. The release date of this game on the PS4 will be symbolic of mankind's venture into outer space. What certain players do out there will reflect the choices that people would make were they given the opportunity. And if modding goes ahead on the PC, we'll see that to an even greater extent.

We are dangerous beings and have caused such horrendous havoc on one planet - imagine what we could do to millions? It's a really interesting idea and I wonder what secrets the centre of the universe will hold when we finally arrive. What truths will we uncover? What do you think fans? Are we the malevolent force of the universe in No Man's Sky? Will we meet a force that wishes us to leave?


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