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i haven't read many comics but I'm a huge fan of Iron Man and the marvel comics

Now many of you might disagree with me, but what can I say, I'm a hardcore technology fan and that makes me kinda bend more towards this guy.

But this ain't the only reason, as many of you might agree with me the suit does not make the man, the man, makes it! Iron Man was created during the cold war. In Stan's words, "I thought that I'll make a superhero whom everyone hates but then tables turn around and they start to like him". Now what Stan Lee meant was that everyone will blame the guy making weapons, the warheads and the killing machines, but they would never know what really is happening to that guy himself. Iron Man was well perceived but still never was he a success like Superman, Batman or Spider-Man. Then what happened suddenly? How did this character become this big?

Well, it's all because of this guy!

RDJ after the explosion missiles in Iron Man 2008
RDJ after the explosion missiles in Iron Man 2008

He kinda made the Tony Stark act a success. I mean how wouldn't he? He has almost the same background, and I'm stressing on the ALMOST here! I mean the way he does it no one really can! He brings the attitude to Tony! Then of course, he's not 2013's most paid actor for no reason! Now there s a lot of uncertainty as to if he would return as Iron Man in any solo movie or not but really RDJ, I don't think anyone can do it the way you did it!


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