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It's about time that Poltergeist finally got remastered. This is high ranked in my personal tally of the most scariest films due to the fact I was twelve when first watching it. If you haven't seen the original, you best go and rent it, buy it or do anything you possibly can to see it before watching this Spring (2015).

I say this because it's a Steven Spielberg classic - It's rare that he puts his full efforts into making a horror movie, but when he does it's amazing. We can't forget though that Tobe Hooper, is the official director.

Here's the main plot summarized by myself.

A Cute American Family, 2 Adults, 3 Children live in a great home, all is going well for the family, Steven (The Father) has a great job in the real estate market and the mother, Diane is a stay-at-home mum who looks after the children. One night Carol-Anne fixates herself whilst sneaking downstairs to the static showing on the television due to the 'Sign-Off' (Way before our times, Television broadcasting used to end around midnight and then go live again at 6am) - Whilst she is fixated a figure blasts it's way out of the television and into the wall, causing a terrible earthquake, transfixed into the static Carol-Anne announces "They're here".

That's when the terrible things start to happen.

If I've managed to grab your attention from that, feel free to watch the trailer below.

If you're still reading after watching the trailer, welcome back. The remake of the film is set for release in Spring 2015. Obviously, it's the same story line but just modernized, in which I hope doesn't ruin the films credibility, as when I was a child this was the film that scared me the most, not because of the CGI or Special Effects - but the realization of "What if this is happening next-door?"

I'll now leave you the 2015 Trailer. In the comments below, please be sure to tell me which you'd prefer to watch!

Obviously, there's a few story-line tweaks, new family in a new home etc. There's still that feeling of what's behind the door, television or window... but a much bigger play on the toy clown aspect.

Here's the two movie posters side by side. Which one would make you want to go and watch? Once again, let me know in the comments below.

Will you be watching this film this Spring?


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