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My favorite werewolf is Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series, a kind and caring man with an unfortunate plight that occurred every full moon.

Lupin wished to curb and contain his situation, as opposed to Fenrir Greyback, who had the ill will to bite as many men, women, and children as possible to accumulate a villainous army of werewolves to overtake wizards.

I'd like to think that if werewolves do exist, that a majority of them would have a mindset like Lupin's, but something tells me that wouldn't necessarily be the case.

Below is a list of creepy werewolf stories. Whether you believe them or not, these tales might send a shiver down your spine. Tread on, if you dare.

1. The Story of Gilles Garnier

In the 1500s, a werewolf roamed around the town of Dole, terrorizing and killing the inhabitants. One day, while walking through the woods, a group of peasants heard a young child screaming paired with the howl of a wolf. They rushed to the noise and saw a man named Gilles Garnier transforming into a werewolf and attacking the child.

Gilles Garnier was eventually taken to the sheriff's, where he confessed to being a werewolf. He was later burnt at the stake.

2. The Werewolf Boy

In the wild forests of Germany, a group of sportsmen roamed the trees with the intent of showing off their skills in hunting. They fell upon one large wolf who seemed immune to their weapons. The wolf began to taunt the men, closely approaching them as well as snatching their freshly killed game.

One evening, a young calvary officer was strolling through the forest when he ran into a group of people rushing from a house. They claimed that the young Feeg boy was alone at home. With the ability to turn into a werewolf, the young boy would terrorize the children of the village.

The officer laughed about the children’s imaginations. But then he caught a slight image of a wolf in the house, and in the next few moments, a small boy stood in its place.

3. The White Wolf

Long ago, a butcher named Bill Wilson closed his shop and began hunting wolves, as the population had gotten out of hand. He killed over 500 wolves and made five hundred thousand dollars.

After so many years of killing wolves, he decided to retire, as he felt a slight sense of guilt for becoming so wealthy off of them. But one day, a farmer told him about a large, white wolf that he had tried to shoot at. This same wolf was then seen all over town, unstoppable and killing the townspeople's livestock.

The wolf even attacked Bill's pet cow, which changed his mind about never killing another wolf. He bought a lamb as bait, and tied it to a tree. He waited under a tree for the wolf, gun in hand, ready to fire.

Weeks finally passed when his friends decided to finally check on him. They found the poor starving lamb still alive and tied to the tree. They then found Bill, who was still leaning against the tree, his throat ripped open.

The white wolf was never seen again.

4. The Girl Who Was Raised By Wolves

A man named John Dent and his wife Mollie were pregnant with child. When she was ready to give birth to their daughter, John rode through the town to ask for assistance. A couple agreed to come help, but witnessed a bolt of lightening hit John and kill him. By the time they got to the Dent house, they found that Mollie had given birth and then died right afterwards. The baby was nowhere to be seen.

Years later, many townsfolk whispered about how they saw a young, blonde girl running with a pack of wolves. She walked on all fours and could run just as fast as the wolves. A group of men decided to capture her and placed her in an empty room in a ranch house, hoping to take her to the sheriff the next day. The wolf girl howled and screamed for hours.

The two men started to hear howling from around the house. The wolf pack began to attack their livestock, causing the men to run outside and become distracted. The wolf girl pulled apart the plank boarding the window and escaped.

It is said you can sometimes spot the wolf girl running with her pack, now surrounded by wolf pups.

5. Here Comes The Werewolf Bride

An evil woodsman spotted the young, beautiful girl he had been infatuated with for a long time. He begged her to succumb to him, which she refused and cried for help. The girl's fiancé heard her screams and rushed to help, threatening the woodsman that if he didn't leave her alone, there would be dire consequences.

Fuming with anger, the evil woodsman waited until their wedding day, where he assumed the form of a werewolf and attacked the girl in the middle of the dancing and dragged her into the woods.

The husband and his friends searched far and wide for the girl, but would never find her. Finally, one fateful day, the husband found the wolf in a cave with the young bride's body. He killed the wolf and sat with the body of his beloved for hours. When the husband was finally discovered by the town, he had gone crazy with grief. He ranted unintelligibly, as he continued to descend into insanity, and died four days later.

6. Werewolves of Poligny

In 1521, Jean Boin, the Inquisitor of Besancon tried three men for having made a pact with the devil. Filbert Montot, Pierre Bourgot, and Michel Verdun had apparently been granted the ability to turn into murderous werewolves, and therefore became known as the Werewolves of Poligny.

Michel Verdun was discovered when a traveler passed through and area when he was attacked by a wolf. He fought the wolf off, but then follow him into a cottage, where he saw Verdun's wounds being treated by his wife.

Verdun then had to admit that he was a shape-shifter, and also disclosed the names of his two werewolf partners. He admitted to killing and eating human flesh. The three men were then executed immediately.

7. Werewolf of Chalons

One of the most horrific werewolves was known as the Werewolf of Chalons, or The Demon Tailor. Burnt to death in Paris in 1598, the werewolf's crimes were so horrendous, the court destroyed all documents stating his offenses. Even his real name is known.

He was known to decoy children into his shop, slice their throats open, and then powder and dress their bodies. Once he was transformed into a wolf, he ran wildly through the woods to leap out at innocent people, tearing their throats to shreds. Barrels of bleached bones were found hidden in his basement.

He died coldhearted, with not an ounce of regret in his being.

It seems I need to let go of my hopes and dreams that Lupin-like werewolves roam around us. It appears that a more menacing, brutal monster resides within. I hope to never cross paths with a werewolf and get bit. I already have enough of a temper as it is.

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