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Now, if you've read the title, you may be thinking, "how was Ant-Man in the Avengers movie?", or maybe "Wasn't there already a hoax about from a while ago?". Well, not necessarily a hoax, but maybe a theory. Shown in the picture below!

I don't buy it.
I don't buy it.

Shown above is the scene where Loki is in Germany talking to the crowd. People were saying that the man and woman back there in red were Ant-Man and Wasp, but that just doesn't make sense. While Janet's costume has been red in the past, it's most commonly yellow. Well, in theory, if they were to introduce Wasp, her costume in Avengers #1 was red, so, I guess that point would be moot. But, what I do not get is why they would be in Germany "just for fun". The soon-to-be Avengers hadn't even yet gotten the call to get over to Germany.

So, disapproved.

Don't look at the gif below if you don't want to know who Yellow Jacket is in Ant-Man.


However, what if Ant-Man was actually in The Avengers? Well, there's a couple of things that you'd need to account for. First, why didn't he make any on-screen appearances?

Well, while Paul Rudd's Scott Lang is a humorous, comedic relief character, Ant-Man is sort of a smart, clever, espionage-ic character. He could be out taking down HYDRA, possibly taking down the Chitauri in another area of the city or maybe even researching a good way to hit the Chitauri where it hurts, possibly being Fury's OTHER right-hand man, aside from Maria Hill, Coulson, and Captain America.

Well, i just have a theory. Like it? Tell me in the comments, write an article about it.


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