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1 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Paper Pop-Art by Matthew Fuller

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has us all hyped. We need Christmas to come sooner this year! However, what we didn’t know we needed in our lives was a paper art recreation of the latest trailer, and now we can’t imagine a world without it. Matthew Fuller has graciously shared this epic creation with us.

2 - Which Zelda Game Would Make the Best Live Action TV Show or Movie? by Keele Noelle Dillon

Ever since the rumour spread around the internet of a possible Legend of Zelda show on Netflix, fans of the series have been chomping at the bit for any scrap of news to verify it. Theories and speculations ran wild about how the games would be adapted or even which one of the many would be used as a basis. To sum it all up, Keele Noelle Dillon gives us insight into some of the best in the bunch and how each of them could serve the fandom best.

3 - Ranking all 12 of the Friday the 13th Films by Erik Silgman

Friday The 13th is possibly the most well-known, and most feared horror brand of all time. That being said, with so many movies in the franchise it can be hard to remember what makes each film special and stand out on this own. In his first article, self-proclaimed horror guru Erik Silgman puts together a detailed and honest ranking of all the films in the Friday The 13th saga. As we patiently await further news on the latest upcoming Friday instalment, we can all speculate on where it might fit in on this highly accurate rank-list.

4 - What to do with Jar Jar Binks? by Ross Fox

With all the Star Wars talk this past week, there's always the sore point that gets brought up over and over again - Jar Jar. With tongue firmly in cheek, first time creator Ross Fox has addressed the rumours that the iconic (for all the wrong reasons) character will be killed. You won't be able to repel sarcasm of this magnitude!

5 - 61 Reasons To Ship Harry and Hermione! by Natalie Michelle Wright

Let's face it, this ship sails itself. Especially after JK Rowling herself lamented not making Harry and Hermione a couple - which would have possibly resulted in all our hearts fluttering into overdrive. Michelle is an MP newbie but she has simply smashed it with her first post!

6 - Nuascannán by Graham Jones

Have you ever heard of the term Nuascannán? I definitely hadn't. Coined by Irish filmmaker Graham Jones, the term refers to the changes we see in modern film and television, which has lead to an entirely different way of consuming and the birth of "new cinema". In his article, Jones addresses the questions surrounding those changes; questions such as, can filmmakers still make money off their creations, what effect have new technological advancements had on the industry and are there still paths that haven't been explored? Make sure you check out "Nuascannán", I promise you won't regret it.

7 - The Best Life Lessons as Taught by Superheroes by Abel On

We've all experienced moments in our life that were tough, overwhelming, uncertain - or all of the above. Luckily we can always look to our beloved superheroes for some much needed advice and support. Brand new MP Creator Abel On has been kind enough to put together a list of "The Best Life Lessons as Taught by Superheroes". So, if you ever find yourself between a rock and a hard place, have a look at this awesome list, turn to Bruce Wayne and remember: "the deeper you fall, the stronger you'll get".

8 - What Would Captain America's Suit Look Like... Designed By Tony Stark? by Shady El-laithy

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Tony Stark designed the Captain America suit? Well, look no further because artist and Moviepilot first time creator Shady El-laithy has given us an in-depth look at what this ingenious idea would look like and as you guessed it…it’s incredible!

9 - Joker's Glory by Flore Mqn

French Artist Flore Maquin shares with us her gorgeous homage to two of the best cinematic Joker portrayals in history along with a thought provoking description of her vision behind the striking piece. The immortal words of Jack’s joker mixed with the almost morbid expression on Heaths face will bring the feels out from within you like nothing else! Beautiful!

10 - Chewbacca, May the Cuteness Be with You by Rocio Preciado

A long time ago (actually on Monday) in a galaxy far, far away (not that far really), there was THE cutest cosplay anyone had ever seen. As I’m sure you all know this past Monday was ‘Star Wars’ day, the official day where Jedi's, Sith's and Wookie’s and mega-fans alike can geek out and show their love for the glory that is ‘Star Wars’. Rocío Preciado is one such fan, who celebrated the 4th of May by sharing the force with her two nephews in the park. WARNING: Cuteness Overload

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