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So as you all may know that MAY THE 4th has come and gone..... So I wanted to make a STAR WARS THEMED POST... SO HERE WE GO

So the 2nd of May WATCHED OH ABOUT 20 to 30 minuetes of EPISODE II Attack Of The Clones and I would have to say it "sucked" badly So Attack Of The Clones starts out obviously with the Star Wars title/crawl screen with a brief plot of what the main idea of the film is. Then it takes us to the "sacred" Cloud City where we find Anakin and Obi Wan Kenobi coming home to find out they have a secret mission that involves with a shape shifter named Zam Wesell who is basically a bounty hunter who is a girl. They capture her and try to ask her questions but the commander shoots a wierd dart at the bounty hunters face and her face shrivels up and she dies. So Obi Wan Kenobi Goes to a Local Cloud City Chef by the name Dexter Jettster whom briefly describes what seems to be a Kamino Saberdart, in fact it's the exact one that hit Zam Wesell in the chin. Then Obi Wan is told to go find out more about these Clones so as to speak but he goes with out Anakin because Anakin has to guard Padmé Amidala and keep her safe. all of you may know that there was a Star Wars Animated CGI Film From 2008/2009 Called the Clone wars. It was basically a follow up of Attack Of The Clones and shows just what happined during the Clone Wars. Then there was a follow up of the Clone Wars Movie a TV show to be exact called Star Wars The Clone Wars. It was based off the movie. I will be sometime soon watching season 1 of STAR WARS The Clone Wars.

I Hope you all take into consideration and see Episode 7 THE FORCE AWAKENS IN THEATERS DECEMBER 18 2015


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