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Those who have been reading my posts about 'Baahubali' will know by now that this is a film that has 'epic' written all over it.

In my previous posts, (The Destined One - The Heart of the Indian Epic, Baahubali) and (Baahubali - An Indian film unlike any other), I have written about the effort that is going into this film and the campaign to introduce the principal characters in this movie.

The poster you are seeing above is the one that is introducing Shivudu (Named after the Indian God Shiva, the Destroyer). Shivudu is a brave but kind hearted young man. The tall and muscular lad is free spirited. In other words, he is one. As you may have inferred from the hashtag, he does not like to be tied down with rules and restrictions.

In the poster above, you can see Shivudu carrying a massive object. It is a Shiva Linga, which is worshipped by Hindus around the world as a representation of Lord Shiva.

I am posting an image of a Shiva Linga below, for those who may be interested to see what it looks like.

A Shiva Lingam
A Shiva Lingam

If you are interested in learning more about Lord Shiva, check this out. ( About Lord Shiva - The Most Fascinating of Indian Gods)

Coming back to 'Baahubali', this character of Shivudu was played by Prabhas, who is one of the most popular stars in south India. Prabhas has an incredible physique and he underwent special training to get ripped for his role in 'Baahubali'. Special trainers were flown in from Thailand and USA for this purpose.

Prabhas, from one of his other films.
Prabhas, from one of his other films.

I will post a separate blog about how the lead actors Prabhas and Rana underwent special training to beef up for the film. If you are curious, you may see a training video in the meantime.

A screengrab from the video, which shows Rana pumping some iron!


'Baahubali - The Beginning' will hit the screens this July. It will have a wide release across the world.

If you love what you are reading here and want to know more about 'Baahubali', head to to find out more.


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