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Who here loves The Flash? Who here believes in the impossible? I know I do. Why do I believe in the impossible? Because there is a plot hole the size of Gorilla Grodd on The Flash. Yeah, pretty impossible, don't you think? Not anymore.

What is this plot hole you speak of?

It has everything to do with this:

Remember that "mind blowing" mid-season finale (Episode 9) when we (wrongly) thought the show couldn't get any crazier? And remember how confusing it was that the Reverse Flash (or Professor Zoom? I mean, it is Eobard Thawne) and Harrison Wells are the same person, yet Wells and our dastardly Man in Yellow were in two different places at the same time, and then the Reverse Flash beat him up? Yeah. He had actual wounds. And then what happened? The Reverse Flash and Barry fought each other, though Barry was pretty useless in the fight, and he had his sorry ass saved by freaking FIRESTORM!

damn, he's so badass
damn, he's so badass

After Reverse Flash got a bit burnt by The Burning Man, he ran off. And then at the end Wells goes to his secret room and we see the Reverse Flash suit. Why is this important?

The Explanation for the separation of Wells and The Reverse Flash Makes Absolutely No Sense

THAT episode....
THAT episode....

Remember the now alternate timeline where Cisco was killed by Wells/Thawne, Caitlin saw his empty wheelchair, Weather Wizard sent a massive tsunami at Central City, and Barry ran back in time trying to stop it? And do you remember the talk Cisco had with Wells? What did Wells say? He said that the Reverse Flash was just a "speed mirage". What does "mirage" mean? Well, for all the dummies that don't know, a mirage a false representation of something that actually looks real, but isn't there. So how the @#%$ did a mirage (or hologram, as it was explained in the last episode "The Trap") run around, beat up a bunch of cops, beat the absolute @#$% out of itself, run outside, fight another speedster, get hit by fire, and run off, with the supposed real person bloody and bruised (with actual scars!) inside? If that's not a plot hole (and a major one) I don't know what is. However, there is hope, Flash fans!

On The Flash NOTHING is ever for certain!


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