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Hey guys! I'm back! I've been busy and tired, so stuff will be release at a slower rate. Moving on, we have Shazam to talk about! Have you seen or overheard a discussion about Shazam being a part of the DCEU? I'm guessing you would hear... "he doesn't fit into the DCEU" or "he's to light for the movie universe!" DC doesn't do jokes apparently.

I'm not a "die hard" fan that would defend DC at every turn, but this myth annoying especially because it was debunked! Anyway, Shazam would be a character out of place, WHICH HE SHOULD BE!

Let's just watch the video! By the way... I recorded this 1 or 2 weeks ago (did about 4 separate recordings).

You heard my points on why he's perfect for the DCEU, so talk about his family!

Shazam Family Fits Too!

That might be too much, so I'd go for the Sister if I had to choose. Billy is powered by the gods.

  • Solomon - Wisdom
  • Hercules - Strength
  • Atlas - Stamina
  • Zeus - Power
  • Achilles - Courage
  • Mercury - Speed

You know exactly who that ties into!

I just want to say the concept art that came out recently for BvS (especially for Wonder Woman) is amazing!

Mary Batson will be a good character to bring in because Billy would have someone to protect. It would be an interesting dynamic for a sister and brother relationship with possibly no parents.

Black Adam Cast WAY Before The Movie!

Will he be introduced in Justice League as a main villain (probably not), Wonder Woman movie to link the god heritage, or a mere cameo? Could he be the very thing that prompts the Wizard to choose Billy Batson so early? Only time will tell.

Pitch For Superman Family Animated Series!

Possible Wonder Women Pt. 5!

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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