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So, I am trying to be really creative for the newest Moviepilot contest, so I've decided to make my own superhero. Also, if you like this, and you'd like me to continue this; I will. Anyways, I came up with the character, Ignation, while making my own comics. (Making my own comics is what I hope happens someday.)

Ignation's super suit!

His suit consists of a comfortable material that is all red, besides for some silver streaks on the thighs, upper arm, and waist.

His abilities!

Ignation is able to transform into fire. He can use the fire to fly, shoot fire balls, and shoot streams of fire. So, basically, he has the same abilities as the Human Torch.

His name, relatives, and friends, including the special someone!

His secret identity is Jason Murray. He has a younger sister, Amanda Murray, his Uncle Sam Wealth, and his mother, Dawn Wealth-Murray.(Wealth is his mother's maiden name) His father died when Jason was only 10 years old, when his sister was 4 years old, and when his mother had been married to his father for 12 years and was 32 years old. His Uncle Sam Wealth was 39 years old when his father died. Now, his Uncle Sam Wealth is 53 years old.

His origin story!

The date was October 27th, 2014, in the suburbs of NYC, New York; Jason Murray had just finished celebrating his twenty-fourth birthday. His life was perfect! He had a girlfriend, named Natalie Former, he had a master's degree in criminal law, and he loved both Marvel and DC comics. He had just finished walking Natalie Former, his girlfriend, a couple of blocks to her home. On his way back to his own home, an explosion, caused by radioactive materials not taken care properly, caught him in the blast. While in the blast, the radioactive materials fused to his DNA and caused him to be able to transform his body to fire.

Ignation's name: how he got it

While no one knows that Jason Murray is Ignation, he did get his name, Ignation, from his girlfriend. His girlfriend saw him, although she didn't know who it was because he was on fire, save her from criminals. In thanks to him saving her, Natalie asked who he was.

He replied, "I'm a burning man."

"Really, she asked, your called burning man?"

"What else should I be called", he asked.

"Well, she answered, you ignite on fire, and to turn on your flames, you have to yell 'Ignite'. So, why not Ignation?"

Right before flying off, he yelled, "Ignation it is!"

So, that's the story of Ignation. Comment and tell me if you liked my origin story. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


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