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Plot for a television series based on the recently released RAMBO YEAR ONE novel (authorized by David Morrell, copyright 1972-2015).


1967: fifty young men are going to face the infamous 5th Special Forces selection process.

Eight of them will finally become the Baker team, the unit John Rambo fought with for three years, under Samuel Trautman's command.

As the gruesome selection process goes on, some flashbacks explain the viewer who those characters are, where they come from, why they do want to become special forces soldiers during the worst conflict the US have ever faced.

Danforth is an ex convict and the army is his only way to get a second chance from the mess he made with his life.

Berry Delmore saw a nineteen-year old friend die an horrible death in Vietnam, and now want to strike back. He wants to fight again the Vietcong.

Rambo comes from a difficult family, and want to get out of it the sooner he can.

Samuel Trautman is a bitter man that foresee many mistakes the US is doing in Vietnam, and want to change the way the Americans are fighting. To do that, he is going to create a very new kind of Special Forces.


The story you have read here is told in detail inside the novel RAMBO YEAR ONE, which is available for free and fully authorized by DAVID MORRELL (

The 'new wave' of television series (like Breaking bad, House of cards, Rome, etc) is ready to face the Vietnam war topic in a 'proper manner', and could really do a good job with the ultra-realistic approach used in original the novel.


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