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Okay this is big news that just started to spread like wildfire. For anyone who hasn't heard, Martin Freeman has joined the cast for civil war. This of course makes today's new big speculation "Who is he playing???" Well I have a couple of early ideas, more hopeful than thinking they are likely, but some of them would be amazing.

A minor hero?

Personally I doubt that Martin would be any of the more minor heroes, as he is an amazing actor who Marvel don't need to do something small and unimportant, such as Speedball. However if they made one of them into a bigger role, I could see it happening.

A government official?

Seems more plausible, as government officials could potentially have a much bigger role in the film, and potentially in future films as well. However we have to remain hopeful that Martin won't be sitting behind a desk, I want to see him getting his hands dirty.

A more major hero?

Oh Bilbo you naughty boy
Oh Bilbo you naughty boy

This isn't plausible to me, if only because I can't think of any (at least semi-possible) characters for him. Who knows? If they still need a character to break in somewhere like the Punisher did in the comics then Martin could become Moon Knight or Cloak, but I can't honestly see it. No, my favourite idea for Martin is...

He sets up a future film!

Say... what?
Say... what?

Yes, please god yes. Avengers: Age of Ultron set up Thor: Ragnarock quite a lot, and likewise, I think that Civil War may introduce characters for other phase 3 films (especially Black Panther). But I think that Martin Freeman could be setting up a film which he already has a vested interest in, because HIS BEST FRIEND IS IN IT?!?!?

Can you feel the love tonight?
Can you feel the love tonight?

These two are perfect together on screen. Whether it be throughout their tenure on Sherlock (may it long continue) or against each other as hobbit and dragon. They bounce off each other in all the best ways, and with Benedict already cast as Dr Strange (starring in his own film in late 2016), my favourite (and possibly most insane) theory about Martin Freeman's character is that he is a Dr Strange villain! This presents obvious problems, like what's he doing in civil war, where Dr Strange is unlikely to play much of a part, and which one of those terrifying demons that Steven spends his time dealing with is he? I know I'm just a die hard Sherlock fan at this moment, but come on, they have to be together again in the MCU.


Who is Martin Freeman?


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