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A genuine superhero of normal people
Michael Seaford

Baloo was just a normal bear cub. Until...


"Baloo, get in the cave"
"But ma..."
"No Questions. Go"
Just then, a tiger killed his mom, as Baloo watched from the darkness of the cave
When it was safe, he walked over to her body and wept

They killed all of Baloo's family, and he was left all alone as a cub. He taught himself about everything he needed to know, and came forth "The Bear Necessities"

"Oooh! That looks good."
He takes a bite, and spits it out
He vomited on to the trees

He learned by trial and error about which fruits were safe to eat, where water is, and how to protect yourself in the jungle.

"Look, a snake"
He went up and touched a snake while he was asleep
The snake bit him on the foot, and started to hypnotize him
"Look into my eyes... Give me your berries. Run away, and never bother me again"
"Yes sir"

He came upon a panther cub, named Bagheera

"Who are you?"
"I am Bagheera, and you?"
"I am Baloo. Want to be friends?"
"Friends forever"

Bagheera and Baloo traveled across the jungle, discovering what was like a whole new kingdom for them. They saw winding rivers, caves, and met more animals

"Hi, we are Bagheera and Baloo. Who are you?"
"I am Kaa. This is my friend Shere Khan. Come out!"
Baloo discovers that Shere Khan is a tiger, and attacks him
"Tiger! Run Bagheera"
"What is going on with you, Baloo?"
"Tigers came and kiled my family."

This lead to Bagheera and Baloo going their seperate ways, and this had very different impacts on them

"Bagheera, why are you so serious?"
"We have to follow the rules!"
Bagheera ran off into the jungle, ditching Baloo
He wept again

After all the tradgedy in his life, Baloo was in shock. He was always playful, but it was taken to new heights. He ran around singing as if nothing was wrong, and his irresponsibility rose

"Ooh, Monkey! Monkeys, monkeys, sitting up in the tree, I bet they want to be just like me!"
"Shut up, bear cub!"

He gradually became what he was when he found Mowgli

"Who are you, man cub?"
"My family ditched me."

Baloo felt bad for Mowgli, and kept having vivid flashbacks in his mind.

Thank you for reading my Baloo origin


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