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Robert RA Young

With the impending release of the latest game in the continuing Arkham saga, I was inspired by one of its characters.

While everyone seems to love the Batman, it wasn't actually one of the "heros" that captured my attention.

Surprisingly, though a terrifying rendition, it was not Scarecrow either. It was the character that has been created solely for this game....The Arkham Knight.

The game isn't released until later this month, I think the 25th or 26th of June.

But, that didnt mean we couldn't meet the Arkham Knight before that.

The Arkham Knight next to a couple Batmans...
The Arkham Knight next to a couple Batmans...

He is the Anti-batman. All of the Bat's tricks and kicks but not burdened by that no kill code. (I'm guessing it's a return of old Mr. Todd...but that's purely speculation).

Took about a month of of late nights and weekends to get it ready for debut at Knoxville TN Marble City Comicon. About part way toward the end of the month, I ran out of the original EVA foam I started with and had zero luck with my scavenger hunt all over the city and just about every craft store imaginable. Yes, it could have been ordered from the internet, but the time constraint was not working that route.

So, what's a cosplayer to do? Make it work. Parts, I won't say which, were ultimately fabricated from cardboard, covered with sheets of craft foam ( to keep the look consistent) then plasti-dip and a coat of resin hardner.

Over all...I was quite pleased.

This might be a good time to mention, I was actually building two costumes at once. FANBOY is coming in June. Although, I am tempted to wear this one again, there is a TMNT just aching to get out of my imagination.

Here's a sneak peak


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