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The famed Latino Review scooper, El Mayimbe, has been updating his instagram with some interesting and drool worthy exclusives as he prepares to go it alone and launch his own website.

Thankfully, Umberto Gonzalez is still entertaining us with an online presence and has been treating us with exclusive first look photos of massive upcoming films such as [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) and more recently Cap and Iron Man in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)!

First Look - Cap v Iron Man
First Look - Cap v Iron Man

As we can see above, each of our Avengers are sporting new costumes, with Mr. Tony Stark's being the more noticeable in its new redesign. Thanks to Gonzalez, we can finally get an up close and personal look at the famed 'Bleeding Edge' suit of armor!

Tony Stark in his ultra-powerful new "Bleeding Edge" armor

So what is the Bleeding Edge armor?

When I stated above that it was utra-powerful, I wasn't kidding. In the comics it was likened to having the power of a man made star, and was utilized by Tony Stark to take on Thor and Red Hulk. Now I'm not saying that it will hold the same power levels within the MCU, but it sure will pack a punch when Stark comes face to face with Captain America.

This model was seen as the upgrade to the "Extremis" model and consisted entirely of Nano-Machines kept inside Tony's body until mentally commanded, at which point it manifests itself as the Iron Man Armor. It has the ability to manifest itself into different structures upon Stark's skin - for example into clothes, other armors, or even different beings completely. I'm not sure about you, but I would love to this on the big screen. Having Tony Stark transform into Iron Man in Mystique fashion would be incredible!

Interestingly, it was designed based on the armors of the 2008 film Iron Man. If you want to check it out within the comics, it's first appearance is in The Invincible Iron Man Volume 5 #25 (June 2010).

Directed by the Russo brothers, Captain America: Civil War has an initial release date May 6, 2016 (USA).


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