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Martin Freeman has joined the MCU! This will be quick, because my computer is dying

Here are 5 characters he could be portraying:

Captain Britain

Well, this is only because of the accent. Martin Freeman could portray a Captain Britain that is more of a scientist, but he still needs to bulk up some.

Uncle Ben (???????)

I know this is a superior stretch, because Spider-Man hasn't even been cast yet (or maybe he has???), but Martin Freeman is capable of portraying the emotion needed to play Uncle Ben, and could be a teacher for the ages.


Who wouldn't want to see a giant Martin Freeman face with tiny legs and arms flying around?

Probably you.

But Freeman could make a HYDRA a threat again, and could be an "Enhanced", and could orchestrate a AIM/HYDRA merge if they don't go the AIM route.

The Ancient One

MArtin Freeman isn't very Ancient, though.

If he isn't Uncle Ben, he could be CGI'd to look older, and mentor Scarlet Witch in her magic, before the darkness inside of her makes her the crazy girl we now know and (borderline) love.

And in the post-credit scene GOES AND FINDS STEPHEN STRANGE!

A World Leader

You may be saying"Wha???????"

I know.

But this is actually the most likely of the 5.

He looks old enough to be established, and can spearhead the Superhuman Registration Act.

I will add more later, though.


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