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Phase 4 Predictions for the MCU

Many of us are interested in the wide variety of Marvel Cinematic Universe Films coming out in the next 5 years of Marvel's Phase 3 plan ranging from magic to galactic, but what happens after that? Shrek 5? My Little Pony - Friendship is Drek? OK I'll stop with the Shrek stuff, here is what I think has a chance of happening in the MCU Phase 4 in no particular order:


This one is a no-brainer for me but there seems to be a repeating pattern with films like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy and that is that team films always do good, so assuming Inhumans does well. This will happen, it will also help Agents of Shield as Inhumans 2 could explore details that have not yet been relieved like the link between Afterlife and Attilan if this isn't explored in Inhumans.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3

This is mainly based around the fact that some major superheroes in the MCU like Iron Man or Captain America have or are going to have a trilogy of films, considering the popularity of the 1st film I believe it's safe to say.


This is very unlikely but I put it in anyway because I think it would be cool, ignore the heading that almost alludes to a sexy fan-fiction and concentrate on facts. James Dunn himself has said this is a possibility but would have to utilize time travel.

“Star Wars was a long time ago, It would have to be time travel."


This would make sense as this is an amazing story line and would serve as a way to introduce the venom symbiote like in the original plot. However it would feel empty without Mutants and FF.


When Bryan Singer possibly leaves the X-Men universe after Wolverine 3, It is possible that Fox and Marvel could strike a deal with their character rights like Sony did with Spiderman.

The Fantastic Four

Fox making a deal with Marvel involving their character rights would be even more likely if the Fantastic Four reboot movie happens to be a flop due to its massive divergence from the comics. Sorry for my bias!


If they made another Spiderman movie after Avengers: Secret Wars, they could use it as an opportunity to flesh out Venom as a villain. Although they could make a Spiderman movie before Avengers 4 making this the 3rd one.

Doctor Strange 2

This is bound to happen considering that Doctor Strange is the only movie that explores the Supernatural section of the MCU, It could also be used to introduce Dormammu which in my opinion would be amazing.

Thanks for reading my predictions for the MCU Phase 4


Which movie would you like to see in Phase 4 most?

- Emert


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