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I'm not going to lie to you, half of this list will be Batman villains because of their unique nature.

10. Sinestro

  • Sinestro used to be a good guy in the past. He was part of the Green Lantern Corps but was exposed to the power of fear. Once a fear ring was forged, he wore it and abandon the Green Lantern Corps becoming a real pain the arse for the Green Lanterns.

9. Hush

  • Thomas Elliot was a friend of Bruce Wayne in their childhood. But as a grown man he is a brilliant and wealthy neurosurgeon. Back when he was young, he attempted to murder his parents and blamed Thomas Wayne that he failed for he saved his mothers life. He grew up trying to ruin Bruce's life. After being sent to summer camp with Bruce (before he hated Bruce), he was sent to Arkham for anger management issues. His Doctor was Johnathan Crane (Scarecrow). Crane recognized that Tommy had sociopathic tendencies. He liked Thomas and later on supported him as Hush. Hush is one of Batman's most strategic and worthy opponents.
from Arkham City
from Arkham City

8. Scarecrow

  • Dr. Johnathan Crane started out his career at Arkham just to later become as insane as his patients. He created a gas that makes his victims hallucinate and see their fears. People usually call it 'Fear Gas' or 'Fear Toxin'. He is usually trying to test the batman by challenging his mind. Continuously trying to break him mentally. But of course Batman always prevails.

7. Bizzaro

  • Bizzaro was created by Lex Luthor. He was originally supposed to be Superman's exact clone but turned out to be the exact opposite in looks. He has Superman's powers which makes him a worthy opponent of Superman. There have been many Bizzaros in DC but the original wears a necklace that says his name with the number one on it.

6. Lex Luthor

  • Lex Luthor is owner of Lexcorp and is a millionaire who continuously tries to take down Superman. He always finds a way to get his hands on some kryptonite and use it against him. He hates Superman because he feels that Metropolis only has one true savior, and his name is Lex Luthor. Any chance he gets to humiliate or kill Superman, he'll take it. But luckily for Superman, he fails almost every time.

5. Deathstroke

  • Slade Wilson is an awesome and bad ass mercenary who has been in the military for most of his life. He is a lot like Marvel's Captain America for Slade was given a super solider serum as well. He gained a lot of strength, intelligence, and agility. He is mostly an enemy of the Teen Titans but pops up in Gotham to fight Batman every now and than. Earlier in Slade's career as a mercenary, his son Joseph was captured. He went to save him but his son's throat was slit. He didn't die though, but he will be a mute forever. His wife Adeline was so mad she went to kill Slade with a gun but he dodged it and it got into his right eye. The other story that more new is that Oliver Queen or Green Arrow stabbed Slade in the eye with one of his arrows. Despite Slade's healing factor the eye never grew back.

4. Gorilla Grodd

  • Grodd came from Gorilla City, which is a secret society of evolved apes. Grodd however was different from the others. He had telepathic and telekinetic abilities to him. He felt that the Gorillas could take over the world so he overthrew their leader and became the new leader of Gorilla City. He's got enhanced strength and is extremely dangerous. The one that usually goes to stop him is the Flash. Making The Flash Grodd's enemy.

3. Bane

  • You are probably wondering why Bane is so high up in the list. It's because Bane was the only one out of all the villains successful in defeating the Batman. He actually used his brute strength thanks to his secret formula of venom making himself and his muscles ten times his normal size and picked up the bat and snapped his back. Bane is extremely intelligent, and strong, and almost unstoppable. His only weakness really is that Bane has very strong drug-like addiction to Venom, and if he gets it taken away from him, he goes through major withdrawals.
Bane has always been let down by movies
Bane has always been let down by movies

2. Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne)

  • Eobard Thawne is not of this time. He was born in the 25th century and uses his super speed to travel through time to fight his arch nemesis, Barry Allen. Reverse-Flash has the exact same powers as Barry its just he's very intelligent and is a murderous sociopath. In his young life, Eobard went through many different timelines. Whenever he was distracted from his studies or distracted from benefiting himself, his future self would go back and kill the distraction. For example Eobard originally had a brother, but in that timeline, his brother took up to much of Eobard's time. So future Eobard went back in time and prevented his brother from ever being born. Eobard liked the 20th century heroes. He was obsessed with learning about them. One of them stood out though, Barry Allen. Eobard studied Barry through old news articles. Eventually he went back in time to meet Barry and hopefully become his partner just to learn at the Flash Museum that he's actually destined to become the Flash's arch nemesis. Knowing this drew him insane leading him to become the Reverse-Flash.

1. The Joker

  • I felt like this one was pretty obvious, like c'mon, who doesn't love the Joker? The Joker's origin is very hazy and unclear. But i can tell you he started out as the Red Hood. If you are interested you should read 'The Killing Joke' by Alan Moore. The Joker is by far the best, most unique villain there is. He is a huge fan favorite and he's just fun to read about. He's is Batman's archenemy and doesn't hesitate to entertain himself in watching the Batman's spirit die in his presence. He's definitely a murderous psychopath and see all of this as a game. He tests the batman but yet doesn't want to kill him because he has too much fun messing with him. If you ever read or watched 'The Dark Knight Returns' you'd know that the Joker needs Batman to be the Joker. In the comic and the movie, the Joker went into depression for around 20 years I believe it was because Batman retired. He definitely is the number one villain on my list.
Expect anyone other than The Joker?
Expect anyone other than The Joker?

I'd like to apologize to some for missing out on some really good villains such as Brainiac and Doomsday. It's just that these guys are my top 10 favorites and I just like these villains better than them even though they are the Justice League's most dangerous villains.


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